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  • Books I read: April 2017

    favorite books of 2016

    I read 7 books in April – well, more like 6, because I started one in March and finished another in May. Heavy on the fiction this month – I’ve got a bunch of non-fiction I’m ready to get started on now that the semester’s over. (But also more fiction – always more fiction.) I’m […]

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  • “Vibrant India” cookbook review

    I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. You won’t recognize many of the recipes in Vibrant India from your local Indian restaurant (unless it’s a South Indian restaurant – lucky you!) I am not familiar enough with South Indian food to give you a thorough explanation, but fortunately the author provides that in […]

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  • Week in review: so that’s over

    On paper last week was productive; but also super stressful and I’m glad it’s over. I feel like a daily rundown is the way to go, so here it is: Monday: took my qualifying exam. The purpose of a PhD qualifying exam is basically to make sure you learned stuff in your undergrad classes. So […]

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  • Week in review #3

    when rest isn't enough - what an autoimmune flare or crash feels like

    I had a neurology appointment last week and learned exactly what I expected to learn – which was nothing. I’m probably okay…so I’m going to continue assuming I’m okay. That sounds like vague blogging and probably is; some things you can either write nothing about or write pages about, but a few sentences just won’t […]

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  • Week in review: back to work

    Monarch Lake Colorado - 4 mile easy hiking trail around the lake.

    I feel like the week after a break tends to start out slow and then slam you as soon as you’re in the swing of things again. Anyone else? This week I: Finished that link post I was procrastinating on last week. Took three (research) steps forward, two steps back. Forward: found the recipes & […]