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  • Books I Read: May 2017

    favorite books of 2016

    I seem to remember saying that I’d be doing more reading once the semester was over. But between travel and, um…sleeping?…yeah, it was probably sleeping, I actually only read 4 books in May (and I’ve already equalled that in June). So hey! Short post! I have affiliate links below, but please support your local library […]

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  • Week in review: it’s summer

    I know it’s not technically summer yet; also it’s currently 50 degrees and thunderstorming here. But we had unseasonably hot weather all of last week. I wilted and whined. I also accomplished some stuff, so let’s get to that and ignore how I was MIA for, um…. 3 weeks? Grew some biofilms. They’re attached to […]

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  • “Vibrant India” cookbook review

    I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. You won’t recognize many of the recipes in Vibrant India¬†from your local Indian restaurant (unless it’s a South¬†Indian restaurant – lucky you!) I am not familiar enough with South Indian food to give you a thorough explanation, but fortunately the author provides that in […]

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  • Week in review: so that’s over

    On paper last week was productive; but also super stressful and I’m glad it’s over. I feel like a daily rundown is the way to go, so here it is: Monday: took my qualifying exam. The purpose of a PhD qualifying exam is basically to make sure you learned stuff in your undergrad classes. So […]