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  • Mellow long run playlist

    A mellow long run playlist to keep you at a comfortable pace throughout your run

    “But why on earth would you want a mellow long run playlist?” (Is what I assume most of you are asking.) First off, mellow doesn’t mean it’s not upbeat; the dictionary definitions include “pleasantly rich, full, or soft : not harsh, bright, or irritating” and “laid-back”. So while I consider the songs on this playlist […]

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  • Favorite links 8/7

    Favorite links - outdoors, travel, running, fitness, food

    Drawing a blank on writing the introduction today. So hi, here are a bunch of links. Outdoors & travel Breaking the rules outdoors is an irresponsible thrill Gear checklist for a 3-day backpacking trip Reputable outdoor gear from big box stores Tips for traveling with cats – I’ve done a 15-hour drive with 2 cats, […]

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  • Favorite links 7/24

    Camping, hiking, travel, science, and food links

    Hello! Today I’m recovering from yesterday’s race – first by sitting here typing at you, then by doing yardwork because the weeds keep growing inconsiderately. It’s been relatively quiet on the internet because ’tis the season for hiking, camping, and traveling – as you can tell from this week’s links. Outdoors A backpacking trip to […]