• Preparation
  • Ways to reduce hand pain in the gym

    Despite what some hard-earned callouses might lead you to believe, my hands are hypersensitive. Thus, the hand pain I sometimes get during and after a lifting workout is the worst part about going to the gym. While I don’t know any secrets for reducing nerve sensitivity (there are 48 nerves in each hand, after all), I […]

  • Life adventures
  • Almost routine: week in review

    Last week I: 1) was not sick, 2) finished almost everything on my to-do list (but the things I didn’t finish are kinda important and I better finish them this week…), 3) almost got through all of my planned weekly workouts. So I’m calling this an almost routine week – as in, I think I’ve almost established the routine I want […]

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  • Favorite links: January 2018

    Since it is January and all…this month’s links are a bit heavy on the health side. But rounded out with some articles on science and writing and recipes, of course. Health & fitness True: healthy goals vs. sick goals When to go to the hospital for the flu Debunking myths about “the” placebo effect Does […]

  • Favorites roundups
  • Top posts of 2017

    New year, new blog posts? I haven’t quite gotten that ball rolling yet, so in the meantime, here are some older posts you may have missed. These were the most-viewed posts on my blog last year – though the top 3 were actually published in 2016; ;t can sometimes take a while for a post […]