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Hi. So, that post on snacks to take hiking? There was supposed to be part 2 this week. I thought, I’ll be busy, but surely I’ll have time for two roundup posts. No. That was not happening (part 2 will be up next week though). So that’s basically how my week went, how was yours? Anyway, I did make time to peruse all the links I bookmarked this week, because new reading material is good for the soul.

Running & fitness

I’ve had a yoga swing/trapeze on my Amazon wish list for probably a year now. They just look so fun, right? But I only had a very fuzzy idea of how to use it. This post changes that.

A really useful overview of how much to eat before running depending on how much time you have, and lists of options for each time frame.

Some drills you can do on your run to improve running form.

Because you can’t always drive to the trail: 4 road workouts for trail runners.

Sometimes you finish a run and have to run to the next thing, but I bet you at least have time for this 5 minute cool down.


Hiking is a year-round activity (though you might need snowshoes). Here are 6 winter hikes in the Alberta Rocky Mountains.

And if you’re ready for a longer winter excursion, trying staying at a backcountry hut. Here’s an overview of what to pack for a hut trip.

Brain food

I love sitting down on a rare free day and plowing through an entire book, but I also love great books that are too enormous to finish in a day (and I’ve ripped through the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy in a day, so that’s saying something). For when you want to dive into a single book for weeks at a time, here are 5 massive books that are worth the time.

Speaking of books: “I’m old-fashioned and think that reading books is the most glorious pastime that humankind has yet devised…” thoughts on reading by poet Wislawa Szymborska.

How will robots learn morals? Maybe through stories.

Truth: sometimes we teach what we need to learn.

I’ve mainly used Wolfram Alpha for calculating integrals, but apparently it has a lot of useful applications – like photography calculations, generating nutrition labels, tuning instruments, and figuring out what the heck your “second cousin once removed” means.

Stomach food

A better way to cook spaghetti squash. (Also: “spaghetti squash will never be pasta. and that’s completely okay.”)

Always looking for new taco recipes. How about Jamaican jerk salmon tacos?

Four of my favorite foods in one recipe title: charred cauliflower with garlics and tabasco vinegar.

In case you didn’t get enough snack recipes in the last post, how about some chocolate covered chickpea protein ballsvegan protein bars without protein powder, and vanilla blueberry cashew almond bars?

Cookies for when you want cookies but don’t want to get out the mixer: one bowl, no mixer, giant double chocolate cookies.


What internet reads are you loving this week?

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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing my 5 minute cool down. 😀

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      You’re welcome! I always need warm ups and cool downs that are too short to skip 😉
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