Welcome! I’m Hannah. I live and play in the mountains of Montana. I’m a full-time PhD student, but when I have time out of the lab you can usually find me somewhere in the mountains. I trail run and hike as often as possible, and add in backpacking and camping once summer rolls around. As a recent transplant to Montana, I’m just getting started with winter adventures. When the outdoor trekking is over, you can find me relaxing with low-key adventures: trying a new dish, getting lost in a good book, planning my next trip, or pretending I’m crafty.

Uh, did I just describe books and cooking as adventures? Heck yes. I don’t know about you, but I can’t be go-go-go all the time. That doesn’t mean the downtime is all boring and predictable (I mean, some of it is. The house has to stay clean somehow.) Trying new things, learning about new ideas – I call that adventurous because they’re expansive activities. They catalyze growth – they make life bigger. That’s my personal definition of adventure: something that makes life bigger and better. It’s also the philosophy behind Prepare for Adventure, where I’ll share adventures big and small.

Contact me at prepareforadventure@gmail.com.