Adventures and misadventures: weekly rundown

It was a fairly eventful two weeks, but this will be a fairly brief rundown. I’m going with more photos than words today.


Got a relatively large blister on a relatively short trail run. No idea how/why that happened.

Finally made it to the top of Baldy…

…but probably got some mild heat exhaustion on the last mile down. (Don’t start a long run at 2 pm.) I was ok once I got into the A/C, but then felt pretty crappy for a couple days after.

Weekly total: 16.6 miles, 5,243 feet elevation gain


I skipped running the first half of the week due to the lingering effects of Saturday’s run. Then we headed out of town to stay at a Forest Service cabin for the holiday. (We hate fireworks, so we escape to where they’re not allowed.)

I thought about getting in a short run on a trail that started right behind the cabin, but it was excessively muddy and I ended up taking Kara on a 4ish mile walk down the road instead.

We also stopped for a short hike to some waterfalls on the way home.

Saturday I ran a 38K (ish) trail race. My legs unfortunately made it clear that they were not trained for quite that distance, but I finished. I will have a full recap later, so for now here’s a sneak peek at the course:

Weekly total: 24.3 running miles, 5ish hiking miles, 3,910 feet elevation gain.

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  1. I definitely want to come visit! It looks so beautiful! I know I wouldn’t want to go through a winter there, but man those mountains are amazing.

    Sorry about the blister. Sometimes there just is no rhyme or reason (as I’m painfully aware of).

  2. Wendy says: Reply

    What a beautiful place to run and live! I don’t mind fireworks but I don’t seek them out. Do you have to reserve that cabin or can you just go there?

    Congrats on your race! Looking forward to your recap.

  3. Your pics always look like postcards 😉 It’s SOOO beautiful there! I’m excited to hear about your race…that’s quite a distance for a trail event.

  4. Every week I really look forward to all of your beautiful photos! That is a long trail race! My body would not be happy with me

  5. Wow, a 38k, that is impressive.
    Is that snow on the mountain?

  6. Kim G says: Reply

    I always love seeing all of your photos from your runs!

  7. Wonderful photos although still too extreme for me to set a running foot at least on!

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