Blowing away and toughing it out: weekly rundown

First of all, I added a weekly detail page to my training spreadsheet:

So that’s the exciting running news. 😉 Here’s what was supposed to happen this week:

  • Monday: 5 easy miles.
  • Tuesday: 5.5 easy miles, yoga.
  • Wednesday: 4.5 easy miles, lower body strength.
  • Thursday: yoga, optional cycle class.
  • Friday: 3 miles with hill sprints, upper body strength.
  • Saturday: 12 easy miles.
  • Sunday: rest day.

What actually happened:


5…ish easy miles. My Garmin had not connected when I started running and I knew it beeped early for the first mile. But then I turned around at my usual 5-mile turnaround spot and it said 5 miles when I got back. But then I mapped it manually and it was a bit short. In conclusion, distance = ??


5 easy miles, 40 minutes of restorative yoga. This time I ran what I thought was a 5-mile loop from my house and Garmin said it was 5.1, so…I’m calling Monday + Tuesday 10 miles.


3.5 easy miles. I was tired and had a lot of work today, so put off the strength workout. It was also really windy, and after I had started running I realized the route I had planned included going to the top of a hill where it’s always windier. So I cut the hill out and made up the rest of the route as I went, which resulted in the run being shorter than planned.


Upper body strength workout.


Lower body strength workout, 3.5 trail miles. Decided to skip the hill sprints this week since usually I do them on Tuesday and that’s too close to next week’s for my liking. I went to a trail instead, which was not my best decision because the snow hadn’t melted BUT it was also 60 degrees and sunny, so all the snow on the trail was soft and/or slushy.


12 easy miles, split into 5 and 7; 50 minutes of yin yoga. I initially went to a Forest Service road that’s currently closed to cars but open for snowmobiles etc, because I thought the snow would be well packed down. But….Saturday was just as warm as Friday. I don’t think it froze overnight, either. So I had another soft snow situation and after 2.5 slow, wobbly miles I gave up and turned around.

Then I drove to a dirt road I’ve run on before. It was super windy again Saturday, which I hadn’t realized during run #1 because that road was mostly sheltered from the wind. But for the first half of run #2, I was going uphill against the wind. I had to keep taking walk breaks just for a slight respite from the wind. I was so tired even before I reached the steepest part of the road (which I walked entirely). At least I got to run downhill with the wind on the way back.

Weekly totals

29.2 miles, 1,600 feet elevation gain, 2 strength workouts, 2 yoga sessions.

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  1. You still have so much snow! We had not a flake all season this year. Looks like another solid week of workouts for you. Thanks for linking up w us today and have a great week

  2. Jessie says: Reply

    You have more snow than Minneapolis! We lost a lot of it over this past weekend, as it hit 60 degrees today!

    Great week of training for you! Don’t you hate when your Garmin doesn’t sync fast enough??

  3. Great mileage!! That wind is really a humbling beast. At my race, we were constantly changing directions, so although we’d get short (VERY short) breaks from headwind, there was always wind coming at us. At 22 mph, it was tough fighting even a cross-wind with all the hills that we ALSO had to peruse LOL Stronger for the fight, right? Thankfully, there wasn’t any snow/slush to also do battle with in the 68F temps.

  4. Wow – what challenging conditions with the underfoot wobbliness and the wind – well done for persevering!

  5. Wow that was one tough 12 miler! All of the hard work that you put into training is going to pay off on race day.
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Sweats: Inside Out EditionMy Profile

  6. Sounds like despite the struggles you had a good week — and running in slushy snow definitely qualifies as a strength workout! The wind has just been crazy lately. I swear it’s only in the last few years that it’s gotten so windy. 🙁 Here, anyway.
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…A little break (hopefully): 3/2-8 WRDMy Profile

  7. Renée says: Reply

    excellent mileage this week! and I had a wind/ bridge situation yesterday where I walked up as well. sometimes it’s the only way!!

  8. Jenn says: Reply

    Great mileage! I can’t get over all that snow!

  9. Kim G says: Reply

    Awesome mileage this week!

    We’ve had such a lackluster winter. We only got snow twice and that was less than 5 inches. I love seeing all the snow there!

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