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  • Favorite links 4/3

    my favorite link of the week and other reads - outdoors, fitness, nutrition, health, science, recipes

    Nothing has really changed since my last post, so I’m going to start by sharing my favorite link of the week, which I’m really feeling recently: every day can’t be awesome, and that’s OK. I’ve had more practice at this than I’d like (who really wants practice not being awesome?), and I think making peace with […]

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  • Favorite links 3/5

    Favorite links of the week 3/5/2016 - running, health, science, recipes

    My spring break starts a week from today. As a graduate student it’s less an actual break and more just a few extra hours free from classes, but I’m still ready for it. For now, on to my favorite links from the past week! Running My second half marathon is next Saturday – my first […]

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  • Five favorites 2/27

    Five favorites for the month of February 2016 - Run Club, Altra running shoes, Amazon grocery coupons, tacos, and books

    I wanted to call this five Friday favorites for the sake of alliteration, but obviously it’s no longer Friday. Maybe I’ll get to alliterate to the point of obnoxiousness next month; for now, here’s a plain five favorites. Run Club This morning I woke up, ate breakfast, went upstairs to get dressed for my long […]

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  • Favorite links 2/20

    favorite links - running, fitness, travel, science, recipes

    Hi. So, that post on snacks to take hiking? There was supposed to be part 2 this week. I thought, I’ll be busy, but surely I’ll have time for two roundup posts. No. That was not happening (part 2 will be up next week though). So that’s basically how my week went, how was yours? […]

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  • Current favorites 2/6

    Current favorite things - tea, ferments, books

    A list of random things I’ve been enjoying recently. When I say “random”, I mean they’re mostly food-related. And books, which are brain food. Coffee pu-erh I have a love-hate relationship with coffee: flavor good, sleeplessness bad. My compromise recently is drinking David’s tea coffee pu-erh instead of straight coffee. There are enough coffee beans […]