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  • Late spring CSA share

    CSA share veggie prep

    I intended for this to be a weekly post series, but, well, it turns out there are only so many things I can write about greens! Piles and piles of greens. So I am finally back with a late spring CSA share, which has a bit more variety in the “things that are not greens” […]

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  • Week 2 spring CSA share

    If you’re not sure what a CSA share is, check out my first post on them. So I was mostly successful at using all of my first CSA share before I picked up the second one. When I picked up my week 2 spring CSA share Wednesday night, we still had all the rhubarb and about […]

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  • What’s in my CSA share: spring greens

    I confess: I am not the biggest fan of spring. But one thing spring does have going for it is the emergence of garden-fresh produce, and one of my favorite ways to take advantage is a CSA share. If you’re not familiar, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture; basically, you pay up front for a […]