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  • Week in review #3

    when rest isn't enough - what an autoimmune flare or crash feels like

    I had a neurology appointment last week and learned exactly what I expected to learn – which was nothing. I’m probably okay…so I’m going to continue assuming I’m okay. That sounds like vague blogging and probably is; some things you can either write nothing about or write pages about, but a few sentences just won’t […]

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  • Week in review: back to work

    Monarch Lake Colorado - 4 mile easy hiking trail around the lake.

    I feel like the week after a break tends to start out slow and then slam you as soon as you’re in the swing of things again. Anyone else? This week I: Finished that link post I was procrastinating on last week. Took three (research) steps forward, two steps back. Forward: found the recipes & […]

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  • Favorite books of 2016

    favorite books of 2016

    Um, yeah, about that title. I am aware that 2016 has been gone for almost 2 months. (How? When did this happen?) Also, most of these books didn’t come out in 2016 – 2016 is when I read them. Regardless, it’s never too late to recommend a good book. In keeping with recommendations, I’m mainly […]

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  • One sentence per day

    I’m not immune to making grandioseĀ plans for the New Year – in fact, I think the planning is half the fun – but a quieter goal kept nagging at me: I need to get back to writing consistently. I call myself a pen-to-paper processor; writing out my jumbled thoughts brings clarity better than anything else. […]

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  • Trail running with your dog

    Trail running with your dog

    If you’re a runner with an energetic dog, you’ve probably found that running with your dog is a great way to tame that energy. So onceĀ you’ve startedĀ trail running, it only makes sense to bring your dog along on the trails, too. If you’re ready to try trail running with your dog, here’s how to get […]