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  • Trail running with your dog

    Trail running with your dog

    If you’re a runner with an energetic dog, you’ve probably found that running with your dog is a great way to tame that energy. So once you’ve started trail running, it only makes sense to bring your dog along on the trails, too. If you’re ready to try trail running with your dog, here’s how to get […]

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  • Mellow long run playlist

    A mellow long run playlist to keep you at a comfortable pace throughout your run

    “But why on earth would you want a mellow long run playlist?” (Is what I assume most of you are asking.) First off, mellow doesn’t mean it’s not upbeat; the dictionary definitions include “pleasantly rich, full, or soft : not harsh, bright, or irritating” and “laid-back”. So while I consider the songs on this playlist […]

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  • Run to the Pub recap

    Run to the Pub recap. Race report from the Run to the Pub half marathon in Bozeman, Montana, March 12 2016.

    If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that my immediate post-race emoticon reaction looked something like “meh plus side-eye”. But in slightly-more-objective hindsight, I think my race went about 90% as planned. Summary version for anyone not interested in the play-by-play: I was on track to easily beat my goal time until […]