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  • One sentence per day

    I’m not immune to making grandiose plans for the New Year – in fact, I think the planning is half the fun – but a quieter goal kept nagging at me: I need to get back to writing consistently. I call myself a pen-to-paper processor; writing out my jumbled thoughts brings clarity better than anything else. […]

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  • Yoga when you’re inflexible

    Practicing yoga when you're inflexible: the yoga won't necessarily make you super bendy. Is that the point?

    The picture above is the result of practicing yoga semi-regularly for over two years. I don’t have photographic evidence from the first time I tried pigeon, so you’ll just have to imagine. Practicing yoga when you’re inflexible is a lesson in patience and small victories. I wasn’t comfortable sitting cross-legged for most of my life; even […]