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    I couldn’t pick a topic and stick to it this week…so here’s a hodgepodge of 5 things I’m currently up to. Eating… Recipes from cookbooks. We have a decent shelfful of cookbooks that I’d been neglecting in favor of my Evernote recipe stash. Recently I’ve been turning to the cookbooks first when meal planning, and […]

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  • One sentence per day

    I’m not immune to making grandiose plans for the New Year – in fact, I think the planning is half the fun – but a quieter goal kept nagging at me: I need to get back to writing consistently. I call myself a pen-to-paper processor; writing out my jumbled thoughts brings clarity better than anything else. […]

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  • Pickle everything {using your CSA produce}

    Fermented garlic pickles {how to pickle everything}

    Since the winter CSA season is about to start, maybe it’s time to pick back up with the CSA posts? Instead of the what I got/what I did with it format, from now on I plan to write more generally about ways to use CSA produce. Some posts will be on ideas for using specific vegetables, and some […]