Current favorites 2/6

Current favorite things - tea, ferments, books

A list of random things I’ve been enjoying recently. When I say “random”, I mean they’re mostly food-related. And books, which are brain food.

Coffee pu-erh

I have a love-hate relationship with coffee: flavor good, sleeplessness bad. My compromise recently is drinking David’s tea coffee pu-erh instead of straight coffee. There are enough coffee beans in the tea to impart a mellow coffee flavor, but few enough that the caffeine stays around the level of black tea.


David's tea coffee pu-erh


Growing things in Mason jars

I’m trying to grow sprouts regularly so I always have something green around. I managed to start the second batch just a couple days after I finished off the first one, so I’m counting this as a success so far.

The other thing I’m growing in Mason jars is Lactobacillus – so it can lacto-ferment things for me. My batch of ginger-carrot pickles just got done fermenting, and turned out perfectly crunchy and gingery. I backed the Kickstarter for these Pickle Pipes and love how easy they made fermenting – just add ingredients to the jar and set it in the pantry for 2 weeks.


Ginger-carrot pickles - lacto-fermented

You’ve probably heard of this? Turns out it is as awesome as everyone says it is. We use it several times a week. Pressure cook all the things.

The Imperial Radch trilogy (Ancillary Justice, Ancillary Sword, Ancillary Mercy) by Ann Leckie

Favorite series I’ve read in a long time. The main character is an AI who used to be a spaceship. The spaceships and space stations are AIs also – I could tell you why that matters, but that would be spoilers. There are plenty of standard space opera elements – space travel, space battle, political intrigue – but the characters make this series a new spin on the genre. P.S. If you’ve read this, please come to the comments and geek out with me.

Habanero Ro-Tel

Clearly superior to regular Ro-Tel. Spicier is always better. How did this make it to the clearance shelf?

Habanero ro-tel


What are your current favorite things?

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