Favorite links 1/30

favorite links

A collection of links that caught my interest. This week it’s all about running, food, and science.

Oh, and this giant panda who perfectly demonstrates how I feel about winter and snow.


Tips for hitting your goal half marathon time – I’m keeping these in mind for the half marathon I’m planning to run in 6 weeks.

I try to incorporate these hip openers for runners daily. A hip opener a day keeps the ITB syndrome away.

This post explains something I’ve always wondered – why do my legs itch when I run?

Cross-country skiing as cross training for runners – I’ll be putting these tips to use when we try cross country skiing for the first time next weekend!


I probably have 20 banana muffin recipes, but I always need more. These vegan peanut butter protein muffins are the ones I’m trying next.

While we’re on the subject of muffins, I also want to try these almond spiced honey oatmeal muffins and these vegan corn muffins. Gimme all the muffins, please.

A couple weeks ago I had Korean tacos at a local taco place, then I found gochujang at the grocery store. So obviously I had to make these Korean tofu tacos for myself. The leftover dressing is also great on eggs.

Salty noodle-y goodness is the ultimate comfort food, in my opinion I’m excited to try a different twist on it with these Japanese mapo tofu udon bowls.

My husband is a mushroom hater – I’m hoping I can win him over with thisĀ method to cook the best mushrooms.

I’ve decided I need to break in my new bundt pan with this banana hard cider cake.


So our solar system might have a ninth planet (sorry, Pluto, it’s not you). Here’s some interesting info on the whatever-it-is.

5 Lessons scientists would share with their younger selves.

These science-themed dresses.

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