Favorite links 2/13

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I’ve been feeling a little scatter-brained recently, and the link topics this week reflect that – wait, I mean I’m a well-rounded individual with a wide range of interests, and the topics for my favorite links this week reflect that. Hope you enjoy.

Running & fitness

As a bona fide VIP (Very Inflexible Person), I’d like to present myself as evidence against #2 on this list of common misconceptions about yoga.

Speaking of yoga, some poses for better sleep.

Really looking forward to the rest of this series on fueling for runners.

McDonald’s is gross, but that’s not why their food might not rot if you leave it out for years. You can’t judge how healthy your food is by whether or not it rots


The best hikes for your first visit to Joshua Tree National Park.

Want to visit the Caribbean but don’t have a passport? Get inspiration from this mini travel guide to Puerto Rico.

Essentials for packing light: space savers and multi-use clothing.

I thought I was kinda an expert on Google Flights, but they’ve added new features recently.

Brain food

Did you know that Mendeleev figured out the pattern of the periodic table in a dream?

A collection of lovely sentences.

Simone Weil on the relationship among rights, obligations, and the needs of the soul.

Because “dominating the world” is exhausting and unnecessary: I’m not dominating the world and you can, too

Stomach food

So interesting: Cherokee grape dumplings.

Because the best foods take time: spiced preserved lemons.

Breakfast to last all week that isn’t baked oatmeal: hash brown breakfast bake.

Already made this: secret ingredient peanut butter stuffed chocolate chip skillet cookie.

Purely random

Build a better mousetrap, or use a 155-year-old one that still works?

Cats in space quoting scientists, because why not.


What have you been reading on the internet recently?

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  1. Thanks for sharing my link, Hannah! 🙂 I loved Laura’s fueling post, too. So important to fuel properly on runs. I learned that the hard way by underfueling for a marathon…boy did I pay for it. I was fighting for every mile past 18. And I can’t wait to read the article on packing light! I have a fear of being unprepared, but it’s so much easier to travel when you pack light. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Of course, loved your post! Glad you found some interesting reading here.

  2. Hello Hannah! What a lovely site you’ve got here. Thanks for including me in this great round-up – I agree, the best foods do take time 🙂

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Thank you Ksenia! Looking forward to trying the preserved lemons.

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