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This is the end of spring break, which obviously means I’ve finished about half of everything I planned to catch up on this week. But I did bring you the picture below, from our anniversary trip earlier this week. Short and sweet list of links for this week.


Health & fitness

Spring is my least favorite season. It brings forth a trio of things that don’t agree with me: heat, sun, and allergens. So I treat spring instead of winter as my running “off season”, but if you’re ramping up your training this time of year, here are tips to make the most of spring running.

Another tip to make the most of training in any season: try some of these unconventional cross-training options.

I love breakfast, but…I find most healthy breakfast options kinda boring. If you’re in agreement, try these 4 different breakfasts made with the same 5 ingredients.

Studies find “seasonal affective disorder” doesn’t exist – the title may be misleading (surprise surprise), as it sounds like the studies actually concluded that SAD likely isn’t a type of depression, not that the symptoms don’t exist.

Brain food

A bacterial protein that could alleviate food allergies.

The linguistic difference between expats and immigrants.

Excerpts from an interview with the founder of Humans of New York.

Stomach food

A little late for Saint Patrick’s Day, but I think you can eat this creamy Reuben soup anytime.

I will eat pretty much anything dipped in peanut sauce – pineapple shrimp rolls with peanut sauce.

But if you’re anti-peanut for some reason, maybe you’d prefer this creamy cashew veggie noodle bowl?

30-minute masala sauce.

I can’t stand the texture of regular overnight oats, but I think I might be able to do them with steel cut, like in these matcha overnight oats.

Dessert or breakfast or dessert for breakfast? Banana berry hemp seed pudding.

Healthier 5-ingredient desserts: 5-ingredient fudgy flourless protein brownies and 5-ingredient flourless peanut butter skillet cookie.

Mmm spices: golden milk ice cream.


That’s all for now! What were your favorite reads this week?

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  1. I don’t have allergies but feel the same way about heat and sun. Great roundup of interesting links. Thanks!

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Hannah recently posted…Favorite links 3/19My Profile

  2. Emily says: Reply

    🙁 I’m sorry that spring is hard for you girl. I’m glad that God made different seasons, so that if one is challenging, He gives sweet relief when the next one comes.
    Emily recently posted…Sunday Link Love: My Heart is FullMy Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      It’s true, I have made it through spring every year so far 🙂
      Hannah recently posted…Favorite links 3/19My Profile

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