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Favorite link roundup for the week 3/12/2016 - fitness, health, science, writing, productivity, recipes

Finished my half marathon today – I will post about it sometime next week, but in the meantime you can follow me on Instagram to see how it went. So, I’ve had writer’s block this week, and I’ve also felt like I’ve been hopping from one task to another every 30 minutes at school and work – does anyone else find that the latter tends to cause the former? On the plus side, this link roundup might be my favorite so far. Hope you enjoy them as well!

Health & fitness

How to build flexibility – #3 is something I need to work on.

Going off the previous link (and personal experience), I might add that flexibility can take a long time – 5 things a beginner should know before quitting yoga.

A dynamic warmup routine.

So important – don’t run yourself down: why every workout you do doesn’t have to be hard.

Why you get the munchies when you’re tired.

Microbe magic

My short answer to “what do you do” is environmental engineering; but more specifically, my research area is bioremediation, aka using microorganisms to clean up bad stuff in the environment. Did you know that for almost any pollutant you can think of, there is some bacteria, somewhere, that can “eat” it? Even plastic.

Bacteria can also communicate the same way neurons in your brain do.

Brain food

Advice from Ursula K. LeGuin on writing. Advice from me: if you’ve never read a book by LeGuin, do it ASAP. If you need suggestions, ask me in the comments!

Multi-tasking is crap. Multi-tasking makes you (me) feel crappy and unproductive. Here’s how to get focused.

Women scientists you didn’t learn about in school.

If something is wrong, maybe you should shut up and do something about it?

Or, maybe the thing you should do is complain the “right” way.

Stomach food

3-ingredient fettuccine alfredo. Three! ingredient!

I love anything with berbere in it, like these Ethiopian-spiced black lentils.

Bahn Mi panzanella, aka how to eat a sandwich with a fork.

You can’t go wrong with hummus or peanut butter, so obviously they need to be put together in Thai peanut hummus.

Snacks: chocolate protein oat bars and lemon pistachio shortbread cookie bites.

Maybe also a snack, or maybe breakfast? Peanut butter and jelly quick bread.

If you want to try canning, I recommend testing the waters with small batch recipes, like this “just a cup” rose wine jelly.

What type(s) of posts do you most like to see in a link roundup?

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    So many great links here! Thanks for including me!!

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      You’re welcome!
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