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Favorite read of this week: a reef system in the Amazon. Also more science, outdoors, fitness, and food links.

Let’s dispense with the small talk, because I want to start with my favorite read of this week: scientists recently discovered a huge reef system at the mouth of the Amazon River. Not only was it just discovered, it’s in an environment where reefs were previously thought to be unable to grow. You should really read the whole article, but to summarize: SCIENCE. It’s exciting.

Oh, you were expecting more than one link? Okay, I have a few.


I have no issue with trail running or hiking alone – of course I take safety precautions, but I’ve never considered not going. And I agree with the logic here about trails being safer than roads: solo women and trails: scary or not?

Tips for choosing a backpacking tent and some of the best 2-person tent options. We have REI’s 2.5 person tent, because the dog takes up at least as much space as half a person.

Probably the least messy way to make pancakes in camp: mason jar campfire pancakes.

Running and fitness

Working out shouldn’t hurt and your diet shouldn’t make you miserable. ‘Nuff said.

Do runners really need to be flexible? Short answer: yes. There’s also a critique here of the study that advice of “runners don’t really need to stretch” is usually based on.

Your running stride is like a fingerprint: you’re better off working to improve weaknesses and imbalance than trying to change your stride.

Because everyone’s had one: how to bounce back from a bad race.

It isn’t necessary to work out in the morning. I’m a morning person and I still prefer not to work out as soon as I wake up.

How to choose the right weights for strength training.

Last but not least, a very thorough guide to pull-ups for women.


So many new microbes are being discovered that the tree of life has been “rejiggered”.

NASA is trying to engineer metal-degrading microbes to create electronics.

Some people who have the mutations that cause certain genetic diseases don’t get the diseases.

Spurious correlations: a dramatic illustration of “correlation does not equal causation”.

The “rocket girls” who were the computers of the early space program.

Brain food

Better than the introvert-extrovert differentiation: are you sound or silence?

The art of letting go.

Stomach food

You know you have to try something called my ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe – especially when said recipe is developed after testing other “ultimate” recipes.

How about a light main dish to balance out the cookies? Crab and avocado cucumber salad.

Hawaiian BBQ tofu bowls.

When you want pizza but need salad: kale caesar salad pizza.

Crispy baked fries: no fancy method, just a “secret” ingredient.

Fascinated by this vegan rice paper bacon.

Also fascinated by bubble tea oatmeal.

If you like kombucha, try pineapple tepache.


What was your favorite read of this week?

Science: how exciting is it?

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  1. Thanks so much for including my post on choosing weights for strength training, Hannah! 🙂 Checking out some more of these posts now.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      You’re welcome!

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