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Nothing has really changed since my last post, so I’m going to start by sharing my favorite link of the week, which I’m really feeling recently: every day can’t be awesome, and that’s OK. I’ve had more practice at this than I’d like (who really wants practice not being awesome?), and I think making peace with not being OK is important. It’s OK to not be OK, and it’s not whiny or negative to admit when things aren’t awesome. And with that I’m done with this topic for now – let’s move on to the other links.


If you hike in spring, rain is pretty inevitable at some point. Here are 5 tips to help.

Rockfalls are more likely in Yosemite on the hottest days – here’s why.


Important to know (and applies to other types of exercise too): when to run, and when to rest.

Run the race you trained for.

Need some guidance on strength training? Here’s a sample beginner program.

More on strength training: 9 ways to improve your deadlift.

Rest and recovery are important. I’m good at rest, but there are some recovery activities I like to pretend don’t exist…like foam rolling.


Interesting posts on transitioning to vegan/plant-based eating: I secretly went vegan for a month and some things learned from a new vegan.

If you’re one of those people who hears “vegan” and immediately thinks “what about protein?” here are some example high-protein plant-based meal plans.

Why and how to eat more turmeric.

Is supplementing with BCAAs helpful?

Health & wellness

9 ways to fight stress – #2 is my favorite.

Also essential to fighting stress – tips for how to say no.

Precision medicine – customizing treatment based on genetics – is a paradox.

Why antibiotic use scares me, from a medical student.

Brain food

3 traits of people who do meaningful work.

How a creative project can heal your body, your mind, and the world. “…our creative selves are like our engine. This is what gets us up in the morning. It’s the wind at our back that keeps us pressing forward throughout the day. It’s the quiet reminder that life matters for something. And if we give that up in order to earn a bigger paycheck or make someone in our family happy or to put forward the appearance that we have our lives together—or whatever reason—we are ultimately sacrificing our souls.”

Why do we teach girls that it’s cute to be scared?

America needs “y’all” – because we aren’t all “guys”. (But never “ya’ll”. That’s not how contractions work.)

Science slams could be the future of communicating research.

Your quinoa habit really did help Peru’s poor. But there’s trouble ahead.

Stomach food

I’ve been doing this almost upside down: a layering guide to a better smoothie.

Nutritional yeast is something I’ve yet to try, but these 25 ideas for using it should get me started.

This recipe title is basically a list of some of my favorite foods: Thai basil waffle nachos with sriracha peanut sauce.

I have a hard time getting behind the idea of savory oatmeal, but I think I could try it with steel cut oats.

Sometimes simple is best: buttered radishes with poached eggs.

This is basically the definition of comfort food: Slovenian sausage and vegetable barley soup.

And this one looks like warm weather comfort food: springtime Cobb salad.

A trio of fish recipes – salmon fajita salad boats, lettuce-wrapped sweet and spicy salmon burgers, and Taiwanese tuna and egg crepes.

Paleo zucchini brownie biscotti.

Coffee cardamom bliss balls.

5 ingredient Greek yogurt cookie dough.

Crispy pumpkin sunflower seed crackers.

Because sometimes the best snack is fried carbs on top of more carbs – Vada Pav.

Need to try pineapple kimchi.


If you prefer to peruse links in more bite-sized doses, I’ve started sharing a lot of them on twitter.

What reads (internet or not) have you been loving this week?

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