Favorite links 5/29

Good links for the week of May 29. Inspiring adventures, running and fitness, nutrition, recipes.

I hope you are getting in some outside time today…but once you’re sufficiently hot and tired (and sunburnt if you’re me…oops) and ready for some indoor time, here are some good links to relax with.

Adventures to inspire

Sail to ski in Lyngen, Norway

A Grand Canyon rafting trip

Running and fitness

Let’s start with not working out: reasons you should skip your workout.

Foam rolling mistakes to avoid.

How to maximize your dead bug, a simple but effective core exercise.

The optimal time for runners to start doing yoga, and a short, gentle yoga video for tight legs.

Which fatigues first, your brain or your legs?


Stop the food judgments.

Food rules for post-exercise. Don’t avoid the simple carbs!

Benefits of caffeine for runners (and others).

Brain food

The making of an expert – “When most people practice, they focus on the things they already know how to do. Deliberate practice is different. It entails considerable, specific, and sustained efforts to do something you can’t do well—or even at all. Research across domains shows that it is only by working at what you can’t do that you turn into the expert you want to become.”

Apparently it’s not just me: why you hate the sound of your own voice.

Service work is skilled work.

What’s in the average poop – in comic form.

Stomach food

For hiking/backpacking season: molasses pumpkin seed granola bars.

Salt and vinegar flavored everything, please: potato hash and roasted edamame.

One good meal formula for my abundance of greens is greens + noodles + egg. For example: bok choy miso ramen with soy eggs or sesame noodles with wilted greens.

Simple greens and beans are always good too, like these stewed pinto beans and collard greens.

I have…let’s just say several…lentil taco recipes, but I can always use one more. Especially with black lentils and radish salsa.

Tuna salad the way it should be, spicy and cajun.

Make your own popsicles this summer, like these creamy chai pops.

A twist on chocolate bark: horchata white chocolate bark with almonds and cinnamon.

How unique and delicious does a lemon, ginger & turmeric cornmeal cake with grapefruit frosting sound?

Soft, fat, chocolaty: all the elements of a good cookie in these salted dark chocolate chunk almond cookies.


What are your fun activities and good links for this weekend?

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