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Ah, the first few weeks of school: first exciting, then overwhelming, then you get into the swing of things and it’s normal again. Guess which step I’m on currently? Yep, the second one. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon, in terms of life and blog posts. Until then, you get links to other people’s’ writing.


25 beautiful backpacking trips

And a backpacking recipe – BBQ TVP

A 7-day Idaho road trip

How a former mining town transforms itself into an outdoor destination

This startup is refurbishing clothing from outdoor brands

Fitness & nutrition

Overtrained vs. under-recovered

Embrace the hard runs

Do antihistamines increase or decrease muscle soreness? It’s complicated

Why the science on whether foods are “good” or “bad” for you often seems contradictory. In a nutshell: “interesting results are highly likely to be wrong.” (And more likely to be widely reported.)

You’re not addicted to sugar

Sorry, the 5-second rule is a myth.

Brain food

Maybe you’ve seen the video of bacteria evolving resistance to antibiotics on a giant petri dish? This article is the best journalism I’ve seen about the experiment.

Did you know there’s another huge reef behind the Great Barrier Reef?

If you think doctors don’t do prevention, think again

I love this photo collection of Little Free Libraries

Why we write

A rested brain is more creative

Stomach food

Ugandan banana pancakes

Pumpkin French toast bake

Smoky tempeh burrito bowls

Fermented sriracha

Dirty chai energy balls

Copycat RX bars

4-ingredient vegan protein bars

Chocolate-covered peanut butter cookie dough bites

Sichuan peppercorn blueberry oatmeal pie – also read this for Gollum’s instructions on pie-making

Thai coconut black rice pudding


How long does it take you to feel back to normal after a break from school or work?

Got any quick, easy dinner ideas? I need all I can get right now!

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  1. Sooo in Australia we must be a little wimpier than in the US because I always thought it was the three second rule, hahaha! I have to say I pretty much never eat food that has fallen on the floor but I would never think about eating a slice of watermelon that’s fallen on the floor – that’s like a wet sponge waiting to pick stuff up, haha! 😛

    Hmm, as for quick and easy dinner ideas – I tend to find the best dinners are ones which can use prepared ingredients! I make up big batches of rice and quinoa and freeze because I know they’re a quick option for dinner when I’m in a rush!
    Kristy from Southern In Law recently posted…Recipe: Healthy Zucchini Bread Baked Oatmeal (Vegan)My Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      I used to eat things that fell on the floor occasionally…then we got pets. Furry food, blech.

      We’ve been making a big batch of soup and freezing half recently. Gotta remember to make extras of grains and such!

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