Five favorites 2/27

Five favorites for the month of February 2016 - Run Club, Altra running shoes, Amazon grocery coupons, tacos, and books

I wanted to call this five Friday favorites for the sake of alliteration, but obviously it’s no longer Friday. Maybe I’ll get to alliterate to the point of obnoxiousness next month; for now, here’s a plain five favorites.

Run Club

This morning I woke up, ate breakfast, went upstairs to get dressed for my long run…then my body said “but our bed is right here and I feel tired and achy. What if we go back to sleep now and run tomorrow?” I listened to my body today (that’s how listening to your body works, right?), but 13 miles is definitely happening tomorrow, because I’m 6 weeks into my 8-week half marathon Run Club plan from Heather at FitAspire, and I’ve been doing too well to slack off now! This is the first time I’ve had a training plan with an interactive component – there’s a private Facebook group with weekly check-ins – and I’ve only missed 1 run and cut 2 short, compared to…let’s not talk about how well I’ve followed previous training plans.

Altra shoes

If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen these. I have a wide forefoot, so basically all shoes – running and casual, even in wide widths – squish my toes. That is, apparently, not how shoes are supposed to fit. I was not exaggerating when I said these are the first shoes I’ve been able to wiggle my toes in. Toe freedom is excellent, I recommend giving it a try if you’ve had similar shoe issues.

Random tacos

Sometimes I have no plan for dinner and a random assortment of food left in the house. My recent solution to this has been making tacos. The basic formula is protein + vegetable + taco shell + toppings. I pretty much always have soft corn tortillas that I heat up in a skillet for the taco shells, and Cholula + some sort of cheese + sour cream for the toppings. Then I search the fridge and freezer for protein and vegetable components that I think would work well together. This week it was leftover pinto beans with bacon and cooked pumpkin that I mashed with cumin, ancho & chipotle chile powders, and a little cinnamon. All I did was heat them up, add to warmed tortillas, and pile on slaw mix (shredded cabbage & carrots) and toppings. I can have dinner ready in 15 minutes this way; plus, no matter how random the components seem, it’s really hard to make a bad taco.

Amazon grocery coupons

Speaking of quick, convenient food, I’ve recently been browsing Amazon’s grocery coupons for deals on things like snack bars, protein powder, nuts & seeds, coconut oil, chocolate, coffee, and tea. I’ve found 20-25% off on things I buy fairly regularly. You can also find more…interesting things, like frog legs and chaga mushroom elixir. I think I’ll be sticking to my staples.

How Not to Be Wrong

Everyone wants to be right, and I’ve figured out how to be right all the time! No, that’s neither true nor possible. How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking is a book full of examples of how math is applied (and misapplied, and recklessly abused) in everyday life. As someone comfortable with advanced math yet often baffled by basic economics and statistics, I’m finding the author’s examples of how numbers from those disciplines are often twisted and how to get some relevant meaning out of them especially interesting. And don’t worry, this book won’t require you to actually do any math.


So those are my five favorites of late…what about you?

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  1. Random tacos and wraps are my favorite too!
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…February Favorites & Yaktrax GiveawayMy Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      They’re so easy!
      Hannah recently posted…Five favorites 2/27My Profile

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