Forward motion: LCL recovery week 3

Guess what! I barely notice my strained LCL now…well, as long as I don’t ask anything of it beyond walking on flat ground and the occasional set of stairs. So, still a long way from 100%, but progress.

This week I finally scheduled a trip to sample some groundwater wells in eastern Montana. I’ve been trying to make this trip for several months, so even though it was last minute I was happy to juggle my schedule around to fit it in. This meant that all of Monday and Tuesday that I wasn’t teaching/grading was spent on trip preparations. I did my PT exercises one of those days, I think.

I moved my usual Wednesday PT appointment to Tuesday afternoon – I was glad all the therapist did at this appointment was manual therapy, because by that point in the day I much preferred laying on the table (bench? cot? what are those things?) to doing any exercises myself. In addition to working on my knee, the therapist worked on releasing my super tight hip flexors. I could tell a dramatic difference when I did my hip flexor stretches that night. Of course, then I sat in the car all day Wednesday and undid most of that release.

After driving all day Wednesday (4 hours there, 2 hours of driving around to wells, 4 hours back), I dropped the rental car keys in the slot at the rental car place…and then couldn’t find my own car keys anywhere. I assumed they must have been in the rental, so my husband picked me up and I biked back to the rental place the next morning. (I confess that PT had not cleared me for biking yet – but it was less than a mile.) My keys were nowhere to be found in the rental car either, but at least I had a spare. That night I checked my backpack one last time….and my keys were in this weird back pocket area that I never put anything in. But at least they were somewhere!

My Friday PT session marked the final round of scraping and ultrasound on my knee. The therapist added pulsing squats and single leg deadlifts to my PT exercises. These still irritate my knee a bit, so I’m aiming to do them every other dayish instead of daily. I’m also cleared for easy hiking (nothing steep), biking, and trying a hydrorunning class. So a little bit of everything except actual running.

Obviously, I had to take Kara hiking this weekend. We chose the dog park trails, where I hiked about 1.5 miles and Kara probably ran at least twice that. My knee did twinge a little on some of the steeper downhill sections, but for the most part it felt almost normal.


Any tips on hydrorunning? (I’ve tried it once and was not a fan.)

What’s the strangest place you’ve lost your keys?

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  1. Knock wood, I have not lost my keys…yet. Just after moving into our house (16 years ago), I could not find the car keys (the hubby had been the last one to use them). He was gone (had taken the other car), and I was frantic. The house was a total mess…boxes everywhere, etc. Somehow, I found the keys on a shelf, in a doorway. Not the main hallway, mind you, but the doorway by our dining room (????). He never admitted to casually setting the keys there or forgetting them LOL

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Well, you know….keys just grow legs and walk around sometimes!

  2. Wendy says: Reply

    I’m so glad to hear that you are feeling better! That PT sounds intense, but hey if it works… I don’t lose my keys but when my husband takes my car he never puts my keys back where they belong. Naturally, I’m frantically looking for them everywhere…Why does he do that?

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      My husband puts his own keys where they belong maybe half the time. I agree, why?

  3. I’m so glad your knee is recovering: good work there. The exercises sound hard but also progressive and doing those squats is hard work so you must be nearly there, if you know what I mean.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      The pulsing squat version is so my knee isn’t fully straightening while under that force. So it’s hard, but in this case it comes before being able to do full squats. I’m on the way though!

  4. Cora says: Reply

    I have no idea what this hydrorunning is…. running in…. water?

    This sounds like a classic Cora key story. Definitely something I would do. But hey at least you found them in the end. And it definitely sounds like progress is being made with the knee… albeit slowly, as these things always go. Glad to know you do have a bunch of activity cleared though!
    Cora recently posted…Week(S) in Review: The Two Month Reset EditionMy Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Yup, exactly! Running (er, “running”) in the deep end of the pool so it’s not weight-bearing. You wear a flotation belt that keeps you upright, more or less.

  5. I suspect we’re going to be physical therapy buddies soon. Sigh.

    I’m glad to hear you’re improving though. It gives me hope.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Oh no! But my knee definitely improved much faster after I started PT. Hopefully it will help you get out of the boot soon.

  6. Improvement is improvement! Is hydrorunning different than pool running? I’ve done my share of the latter if you need some tips. There are also a new cool app for it. I lost my keys Tuesday morning! They were eventually found on the back porch. No memory of how that happened (I still blame my husband. 😉 ) Thanks for linking!

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      It’s the same thing – the pool running classes at my gym are just called hydrorunning. I might have to check out that app – I think pool running would be super boring if I wasn’t doing the classes.

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