Get me off this boat: weekly wrap

(Not an actual boat. We’ll get there.)

Kim reminded me last week that I forgot to “recap” my PT appointment. The PT ran through all the SI joint tests and said it was moving as it should; I managed to pop it back into place while doing the assigned exercises. The only thing I should still be careful of is landing forcefully on one foot. Oh, and lunges can irritate the SI joint – she didn’t say not to do them, but since lunges are one of my least favorite exercises I might interpret it that way 😉

I’m continuing with my knee strength/stability exercises 2-3 times a week. Band walks pre- or post-run; Bosu exercises pre-strength workouts. Hip flexor and hamstring stretches almost every night. Ideally I would do more, but this beats nothing and is easily sustainable.

And now on to this week…because I know you’re wondering about the boat.


I have class at 9, and thought I would just be able to squeeze in a 7 am yoga class, plus a run, plus breakfast before then. I managed yoga and a 4-mile run, but breakfast had to wait until after class. Maybe next time I’ll stick to 3 miles…


Strength workout with a small milestone: I deadlifted over 100 lbs for the first time since my knee injury.


I got home this evening and was ready to run just as Kara returned from her walk. She begged to go out with me too, so I we managed 2 miles before dropping an exhausted dog off at home and then I ran another mile by myself.

Delighted with her 2-excursion evening.


Strength workout and pool running class, both cut a bit short. Workout because I needed to get to the pool….also it was 5 pm and the influx of people into the gym was getting to me. Pool running because my toe cramped in the middle of class and it took a good 10 minutes out of the pool to work the cramp out.


I had just put dinner in the oven and sat down when the boat happened. Within a few minutes, I went from feeling normal to intense vertigo. In case you’re a bit lost here, vertigo feels like being on a boat. At least to me – if you enjoy being on boats, it probably feels like something else. Even lying down, I felt like the room was moving.

Oh, I also realized that I had left my phone in my office at school. I obviously didn’t feel like going back for it, so it stayed there for about 24 hours.


Saturday was more vertigo, though it did abate enough for me to fetch my phone and run some errands. Today I woke up feeling almost normal, so decided to try a trail run and see how it went.

First of all, I forgot my nanospikes. Fortunately we got a tiny dusting of snow overnight; just enough to blanket the icy trail with powder. The steeper areas were still a bit questionable, though.

Unfortunately, it took less than a mile for the vertigo to start creeping in again. I slogged through a total of 3 miles just to get me to 10 for the week.

So, as I was saying….get me off this boat?

Know any “cures” for vertigo?

What’s the longest you’ve gone without your cell phone?

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  1. Wendy says: Reply

    I guess you need to find out what is causing the vertigo–could be an inner ear infection or something else. Off to the doctor you go! I’ve had it before and ugh. It’s the worst feeling. I hope it passes quickly.
    Wendy recently posted…Race Recap: Mobile Half MarathonMy Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      It’s a symptom of the chronic fatigue – I’ve seen multiple drs while it was happening before and basically I just have to ride it out. It DOES at least eventually go away on its own, though.

  2. Kim G says: Reply

    Nice week of workout Hannah! I’m also super impressed with all you were able to get accomplished on Monday before class!

    Oh man, I’m sorry to hear about the vertigo episode. I had a good friend in high school that dealt with vertigo and she also described it as being on a boat. Hope that you are feeling better.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      By the time class was over, I felt like Monday should be about over as well!

  3. Gosh, sorry to hear about the vertigo! Sounds awful – but if it persists I think you probably need to have it seen. Hope you are feeling better today and well done for getting 10 miles done for the week.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      It is a recurring issue, so I know it will go away eventually. Just annoying!

  4. OMG. I used to get foot cramps while pool running all the time! Marcia reminded me to hydrate as if I was running. It helped some. You don’t realize how much you sweat in the water. I’ve never had vertigo but know people who have. I hear it’s pretty bad! Hope it goes away soon. Thanks for linking.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Oh, that’s probably it….since I was working out right before the pool running I probably got a little dehydrated.

  5. I’ve only heard of inner ear issues related to vertigo. I hope you can get it figured out! I’ve been without my phone for 10 days when traveling in Mexico. It was actually a nice break from all of the social media craziness!
    Lisa @ TechChick Adventures recently posted…Training recap – Glass City edition, 1/21/19My Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      My phone still does wi-fi on international trips – but the limited access was a nice break too!

  6. I haven’t had vertigo (knock on wood) but I know people who have — sometimes it’s water in their ears that need to be drained? I know it’s an awful feeling (I once had seasickness, ugh!).

    I hope it clears up quickly.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Weirdly, I have felt like there’s liquid draining to my left ear when I sleep on that side. The vertigo is gone now, though, so I’m not sure if that contributed or not.

  7. Renée says: Reply

    good week of workouts even with the odd cramp, too many people and breakfast skipped.

    I had vertigo from extreme stress and it felt like being too drunk, laying on the bed watching the room spinning around me. it was awful. there was puking involved. I went to the physio and he used the epley maneuver to fix it. you could TRY to do that on yourself as well, just google it. I wasn’t able to – every time I lifted my head I got sick again 🙁 it was a few years ago and I only had it one time after that, left the job that was causing the stress and voila – I was off the boat.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      It does feel rather like being drunk, but thankfully I’ve never had it bad enough for puking. I will have to look up that maneuver for next time.

  8. Coco says: Reply

    ugh on the vertigo. I had unexplained bouts of it when I was pregnant with my second child. I came on suddenly in full room-spinning mode. I would have to lay on the floor wherever I was — usually at home or in my office. it sounds like it’s something you’re used too but I hope it goes away for a while. I love all your snowy photos — better you than me! 😉
    Coco recently posted…Missing Out On Our Snow DayMy Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Sometimes laying on the floor helps so much more than laying on a bed/couch. Not sure why!

  9. I’m so attached to my cell phone! One time as I was driving to Miami for a cruise I left it in a bathroom around Ft. Myers and didn’t realize it until an hour later. I flipped out and had to go back to get it which almost made me late for the cruise departure! You can’t even really use your cell phone on a cruise except to take pics because international service is so expensive so it didn’t make much sense. But I have separation anxiety when I’m without my phone.

    On another topic, I’m just super curious if you’ve ever seen bears out on your trails? I know winter = hibernation. But your trails seem really wild. I’d love to live in that type of landscape but I think I’d be afraid of running into wildlife! All we have are alligators here in Florida and they pretty much leave you alone unless you aggravate them on purpose.
    Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder recently posted…Weekly Wrap: Chasing PR’s and a new Weekly RoutineMy Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      I’ve yet to see a bear on the trails; they are spotted on trails around here pretty regularly, but I’m not often out at the time bears are most active (dawn and dusk). But the trails I run most frequently actually aren’t as wild as they look – they’re close to town, so really popular. There are grizzlies in some areas here, but it’s mostly black bears, who generally aren’t aggressive.

  10. I am impressed how you are sticking to all of your PT exercises. I always start of well and then kind fall off. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      I can still feel that my left knee is weaker, so that’s good incentive to keep up with the PT for now! Hopefully it lasts.

  11. Was going to suggest the Epley but needed to check its name – benefit of being all behind, obviously, someone had got there first.

    I can understand how lunges can hurt your SI – I did a load on one of my RED January days and my bottom really hurt the next day – thankfully on both sides, not just my dodgy glute side! However, squats have made the glute feel loads better.

    Those snowy trails look horrific! No thanks!

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Thankfully the vertigo is gone now, but I will have to try the Epley next time.

      I actually love snowy trails usually, but the part along the side of the hill in the last photo was a bit sketchy!

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