Late spring CSA share

CSA share veggie prep

I intended for this to be a weekly post series, but, well, it turns out there are only so many things I can write about greens! Piles and piles of greens. So I am finally back with a late spring CSA share, which has a bit more variety in the “things that are not greens” department.  Actually, this Wednesday was the first week of our summer share, but I think it makes more sense to share the previous week’s share and what I’ve already done with the veggies. So here’s last weeks haul, and how we used it:What's in a late spring CSA share in Montana, and ideas for using CSA veggies


Mustard greens – sauteed with some garlic and lime juice and and added to tacos.

Kale – Cooked with the beet, turnip, and radish greens (yep, it was a ton of greens) along with some prosciutto and black eyed peas. Beans ‘n greens, in other words.

Spinach – I’ve been adding some to salads and smoothies, but there’s still a bit left. Plus we got more this week…better get on that.

Salad mix, romaine – Salads. Very exciting.

Red cabbage – Still sitting in the fridge at the moment, but I plan to make this chopped salad tonight.

Red cabbage from late spring CSA share

Carrots – Added to salads, eaten with hummus, used in sushi bowls. Lots left, including leftovers from previous weeks.

Turnips – I’ve added some of these to salads (they’re salad turnips), but I can’t remember if I’ve done anything else. Like the carrots, they’ve been accumulating over the weeks.

Easter egg radishes – Added some to salads. Yet another root vegetable that’s accumulating in the fridge.

Easter egg radishes from late spring CSA share

Beets – roasted with leftover black eyed peas and used in tacos with the mustard greens.

Snap peas – I somehow forgot about these for most of the week, but did use them in sushi bowls last night. We got more in this week’s share, so I’ll probably make a stir fry with them soon.

Dill pickles – These were put up by a local cannery with produce from the garden last year. We’re eating them straight, because is there any other way to eat pickle spears?

Dill pickles from a late spring CSA share

The carrots, radishes, and turnips have been piling up for a few weeks; it’s time to do some preserving with them. They’ll stay good for a while yet, but since we keep getting more I’d like to do something with them before they take over the entire crisper drawer. I want to try these hibiscus jalapeno pickles, plus I’ll probably do some type of relish and some fermenting.


What’s your favorite spring vegetable right now? Favorite way to eat it?


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  1. Sooooo much goodness! I lovee spring veggies!
    Kristy @ Southern In Law recently posted…Recent Things: Puzzle Success, Board Gaming and Soxy BeastsMy Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      What’s not to love?

  2. Emily says: Reply

    That’s so neat that you even got local pickles! And thankfully root vegetables last a LONG time, so you can keep them for longer than most veggies. 🙂
    Emily recently posted…How to Overcome Ice Cream FearsMy Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      I love pickles – I was absurdly excited to get those!

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