Regrouping and mid-year goal review

I was down with a fever most of the week before the 4th and then we made a weekend trip to the Oregon coast…regrouping was necessary last week. I suppose you want a recap of the trip, but I don’t have much to say about. I am just…not a beach person at all. Not even a cool, low-humidity PNW beach person, it turns out. Just leave me in the mountains forever, please and thanks. I brought you some pictures though.

Anyway, regrouping. I managed one run between getting sick and leaving town, and the week before that I only got in 2 short ones. This week I finally got back on track with 3 runs. I am pretty proud of this as we are having a brutal heat wave that punished me for getting out the door too late in the morning. I hate running in the heat (also just being in the heat), but I did it anyway. Also this week:

Got my first CSA basket: it had huge bunches of kale and collard greens. Guess what my garden is also full of right now? Yep, kale and collards. Fortunately it is too hot to cook, so I prefer having salad and the like for dinner anyway. It’s going to being a close call, but I think we’ll finish all the greens before the next CSA.

Wrote a report real fast: I intended to do this the week before, but have you ever tried technical writing with a fever? Yeah, bad idea. So real fast = write the whole thing in one day. Channeling my undergrad self for that.

Cleaned out my closet and listed stuff for sale: It isn’t really spring cleaning at this point, but I prefer going through clothes mid-season so I have a better idea of what I’m never wearing anymore. If you’re in the market for clothes…or you just like browsing other people’s closets…I sell my stuff on Poshmark.

Mid-year goals review

In summary: not really on track with anything, but I have the rest of the year to get there.

One sentence per day: I missed 3 days over the last 3 months – all of them were looong travel days though, so I’m not really bothered by missing them. The intent behind the goal is still intact, even if I’m a few days shy of hitting it exactly. I had hoped that my daily writing would become more interesting as I got into the habit, though, and instead I’m finding it more boring if anything. I think I need some good journal prompts to get me going – any recommendations?

Running a 38K trail race: Completely scrapped in favor of training for a 5K. More on that here. If you did the math on my running recap above, you might notice I’m 2/4 on sticking to my weekly plans so far. Actually only 1/4 considering the hiking and yoga parts of the plan. Not so great! The next 4 weeks should be better, barring unforeseen circumstances.

20 new-to-me trails: As of my last review, I had hiked one new trail. And now I’m up to….two. There’s really no excuse for this other than that I tend to default to the trails closest to home and, naturally, they’re ones I’ve already hiked. I just need to do better at planning hike/trail run locations.



What are your favorite sources for journal prompts?

Beach person or mountain person?


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  1. I like both the beach and the mountain but if I had to choose one for a vacation, take me to the beach.
    I know what you mean about writing reports on the fly in undergrad. It feels like everything I ever did in college was done last minute. I have been a procrastinator for a long time now. haha.
    I hope you feel much better now though.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Yes I’m better, thanks. The good thing about fevers is they never last very long!

  2. I love the beach, any beach in fact. I could spend hours cavorting, reading books, soaking up the sun and splashing in the water. Hopefully you did other fun things in Portland when you were there.

    Great job on the running, heat and all.
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review: The In-Laws are Coming, The In-Laws are Coming (#90)My Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Oh, the soaking up the sun part…I have issues with that. I can take about 10 minutes 🙂

  3. Sara says: Reply

    Beautiful pictures! I hope you found your own way to enjoy your trip to Portland.
    I like your idea of writing a sentence per day. Have you thought about using prompts….I think there is a book called 52 lists that is a writing related challenge. Or maybe picking a word of the week to explore and write about? Have a good week!

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Yes, I’m on the lookout for some good prompts.

  4. I’m definitely a beach person, but have never had a chance to do any “mountain time.” I imagine I’d love them, too. I’ve heard great things about Posmark…I need to check it out.
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…A New Normal (for Now)My Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      It’s useful, definitely – but turns into a time suck if I’m not careful!

  5. I can’t believe we’re halfway through the year already!

    I am terrible at journaling so way to go on only missing 3 days over the last 3 months! That is impressive!
    Kristy from Southern In Law recently posted…Recipe: Honey Sweetened Chai Zucchini Muffins (Gluten Free!)My Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Right? How did that happen?

  6. I’m sorry you were sick. Congrats on getting in three runs. It sounds like the regrouping is working! I like the beach and the mountains but it’s much easier to get to the beach for us.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Thanks – it is working!

  7. I love the beach (and live at the beach), so thanks for those beautiful beach pictures! 🙂 But I do love the mountains, too, especially in the summer when the beach is so hot. Good job regrouping (I’m right there with you on that!).

    1. Hannah says: Reply


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