All the necessities (week in review)

Well, after recapping an entire month last week, it seems like I have next to nothing to recap this week. I’m sure there are a few accomplishments hiding in there though:

Scheduled doctor AND dentist appointments. I hate both of these things (but especially the dentist), but I took care of them in one fell swoop. Seriously, the appointments are even on the same day.

Cleaned the bathrooms and the floors and the towels and…yeah the home upkeep may have gotten behind a bit, but it’s all clean now. Let’s not talk about the yard.

Found a zucchini in the garden. I know zucchini plants are the stereotypical overproducers, but for some reason none of my squash have been pollinating well, so one zucchini is a small victory. I finally started hand pollinating the winter squashes. It remains to be seen whether any of them will ripen before it freezes. On the plus side, tomatoes are supposedly difficult to grow well this far north, but mine are going crazy. I think I have one black thumb and one green thumb.

Made myself a 5K training plan. It’s for a Thanksgiving 5K, which means that I am so on top of this…for now. I started training this morning by hacking my lungs up because it was smokier than I realized. (There are mountains out there somewhere.)


What vegetables do you have a green/black thumb for?

What are your fall racing plans?

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  1. I have no Fall racing plans, although I do have Fall recipe plans. 🙂 That works right? I do want to keep swimming laps though because I love it.

    Also I’m with you on the tomatoes. Mine did amazing while my zucchini were a total flop. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Much tastier 🙂 What’s up with the zucchini this year?

  2. I wish I had a green thumb – my boyfriend is the farmer of the family, it’s been exciting to see all the tomatoes and peppers this season! I have a couple of half marathons on the plan for this fall and possibly a 10K at the end of October.
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…Rock ‘N Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon Training Week 7My Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Fun! My race schedule is not that full yet.

  3. Sara says: Reply

    I unfortunately kill all the plants but envy those with wonderful gardens!
    I have a 5k coming up and a half marathon this fall. Our local Thanksgiving day race just opened registration and I need to sign up for that. Hopefully your training goes well!
    Sara recently posted…Great Race 5k & UBHM Training Week 6My Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Good luck with the races!

  4. I have a race on the 24th but other than that no races till next year.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Good luck!

  5. Ingunn says: Reply

    I was supposed to run the Whistler Alpine Meadows 25K next weekend, but we cancelled our trip because we’re just too exhausted (sick baby = no sleep) to travel with kids right now. But I’m still going to run the Oregon Coast 30K in early October, hopefully life will be back to normalish by then.
    We have sooo many tomatoes this summer! I have a batch roasting in the oven as we speak, going to blend it into a soup later today.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Oh no! That would definitely be rough on no sleep though. Hopefully the next race will make up for it!

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