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I’m not a medical professional or a journalist and I know we’re all overwhelmed with the amount of COVID info we see daily, so I’m going to try to keep that to a minimum here. Just one thing I am going to complain about first: a lot of people here seem to think going for a hike automatically means social distancing. People, there are a hundred cars parked at that trailhead, you are NOT DISTANT. 

Last week was my spring break and I was looking forward to more trail running, but for the reason above it turned out to be less. I am making do with more roads for now though.

3/9 – 3/15

Planned: 32 miles with 13 mile long run, 2 strength workouts, 2 yoga sessions

Actual: 31.1 miles with 11.5 mile long run, 1 strength workout, 1 yoga session

This was my first pavement long run – I started from my house – in probably over a year. My hips start feeling wonky after around 10 miles of pavement, so I cut the long run a bit short. Otherwise a decent week.

3/16 – 3/22

Planned: 34 miles with 11 mile long run, 2 strength workouts, 1 yoga session

Actual: 34 miles with 10 mile long run, 2 strength workouts, 1 yoga session

I made the most of spring break running despite my limited trail options – this was the first week of my training plan that I actually got to my goal mileage. I took Kara out to a trail for a short run (this trail is 10-12 ft wide, good for distancing).

My long run ended up shorter than planned due to midweek runs being longer than planned, which was fine by me.

This upcoming week is a recovery week. My legs definitely need it, so since I won’t be able to do as much running to destress, maybe I’ll finally do more yoga?

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  1. I agree with you being outside is great for all of us but we still need to keep our distances. I wish we could get everyone on board! Hope you are doing ok through all of this

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      I’m ok, but yeah… People are not getting social distancing!

  2. Way to go on all those miles!! Bummer your trail had to be “shared” by so many others during this difficult time. Like Deborah said, it would be nice if everyone took this seriously.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Oh, I didn’t stop at the overflowing trailhead!

  3. Kim G says: Reply

    I do wish that people would take this more seriously. Basically everything in my town is shut down so I haven’t seen large packs of people out and about. I hope it stays that way.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      I think there’s even more people out on the trails because everything else is shut down 😬

  4. Wendy says: Reply

    With those views, I’d be outside all the time. I guess that’s what everyone is thinking right now. I go pretty early, so fortunately I’ve had the trails to myself.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      I know from experience that early doesn’t help much here. And the trails fewer people know about are mostly still under snow!

  5. It’s too bad your trails are so crowded. But its good to get outside any way we can right now! great job keeping up with your workouts.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Yes, the roads are better than nothing!

  6. Sorry about the crowded trails and well done for getting what you’ve done done esp on the hard road surfaces!

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Thank you!

  7. Our parks are so busy! Generally I think people are doing the right thing around here. I was shocked that they finally closed the park bathrooms yesterday. Why has that taken so long?
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  8. I agree, some people just aren’t taking social distancing seriously. Then there’s people in the neighborhood walking on the wrong side of the road, so I have to give them a wide berth, putting me in the middle of the road as I’m running sometimes. Sign.

    Sounds like you’re actually doing a great job getting your miles in!

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