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  • One sentence per day

    I’m not immune to making grandiose plans for the New Year – in fact, I think the planning is half the fun – but a quieter goal kept nagging at me: I need to get back to writing consistently. I call myself a pen-to-paper processor; writing out my jumbled thoughts brings clarity better than anything else. […]

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  • Trail running with your dog

    Trail running with your dog

    If you’re a runner with an energetic dog, you’ve probably found that running with your dog is a great way to tame that energy. So once you’ve started trail running, it only makes sense to bring your dog along on the trails, too. If you’re ready to try trail running with your dog, here’s how to get […]

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  • Favorite links 10/23

    Do you know what’s not really a good idea? Determining that you have to finish a long, comprehensive post before you start writing other blog posts…and doing so when you only have short chunks of time for blog writing. But I finally finished this post about pickling, so theoretically you will get shorter but more frequent posts […]

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  • Favorite links 9/11

    Ah, the first few weeks of school: first exciting, then overwhelming, then you get into the swing of things and it’s normal again. Guess which step I’m on currently? Yep, the second one. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon, in terms of life and blog posts. Until then, you get links to other […]

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  • Favorite links 8/28

    Links to outdoors and travel tips, and tasty recipes

    Hi there! It’s the day before classes start, and I’m about to go into marathon planning mode. But first, links. This week’s links are all about the outdoors, travel, and food – because isn’t that what’s on everyone’s mind during the first week of school? Outdoors The case against privatizing National Parks – I’ve been […]

  • Running
  • Mellow long run playlist

    A mellow long run playlist to keep you at a comfortable pace throughout your run

    “But why on earth would you want a mellow long run playlist?” (Is what I assume most of you are asking.) First off, mellow doesn’t mean it’s not upbeat; the dictionary definitions include “pleasantly rich, full, or soft : not harsh, bright, or irritating” and “laid-back”. So while I consider the songs on this playlist […]

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  • Favorite links 8/7

    Favorite links - outdoors, travel, running, fitness, food

    Drawing a blank on writing the introduction today. So hi, here are a bunch of links. Outdoors & travel Breaking the rules outdoors is an irresponsible thrill Gear checklist for a 3-day backpacking trip Reputable outdoor gear from big box stores Tips for traveling with cats – I’ve done a 15-hour drive with 2 cats, […]