• Mountain adventures
  • Type 2 fun: week in review

    A key component of mountain running, regardless of how fast you are, is the belief that Type II fun is actually fun. Fortuitously, the mountains themselves encourage this belief. The mountainous Type II fun Last Tuesday I hiked/ran (but mostly hiked) Mount Baldy. I’m in a local running group on FB where some people – […]

  • Life adventures
  • More trails, please: week in review

    After my foot’s little freak out last weekend, it decided everything was fine by Tuesday. So things were back to normal this week – except for some of my garden plants, which I left in the afternoon sun too long while hardening off. They got whatever the plant equivalent of sunburn is. It’s looking like […]

  • Life adventures
  • Deja vu: week in review

    So I decided to run the race I talked about last week. I woke up Saturday morning and started getting ready to go, but then I noticed it: a slight, but definitely present, pain in my foot, right at the same spot where I had a mysterious injury a few months ago. I moved around […]

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  • Favorite links: spring 2018

    It’s been a long time since I did one of these posts, which means this is a long list. So grab your beverage of choice and settle in for some good reads. Outdoors Yes, you should filter your water in the backcountry. This article breaks down the problems with the argument against filtering – because […]