Pretending I like water: LCL recovery week 4

I do like drinking water, just so we’re clear. I’m fine with looking at water, and floating on top of it. But being immersed in water is not one of my favorite things. Even hot baths only sound appealing every once in a while.

Water makes you soaking wet, is usually too cold if it’s not too hot, and makes all your movements feel futile. Plus, I can’t float. No, I literally cannot. Many people have tried to teach me. And then there’s the drippy, chlorine-y aftermath.

Apart from all that, my first week trying pool running went pretty well. Thankfully my gym offers hyrdorunning classes, so I don’t have to face the boredom of pool running by myself. I went to my first class on Tuesday. The class format is lots of intervals with differing times and intensities, and using a few different strokes. The strokes that aren’t analogous to land running were hard for me to pick up on – I don’t think I got any of them quite right during this class. The 50-minute class left my knee pretty achy the next day.

I went to class again on Thursday, but only stayed for ~30 minutes. That seemed to be about the right amount of time, as my knee felt much better afterwards. My physical therapist wants me to be able to do the full class before I really start running again; I’m hoping I’ll be able to add 5 or so minutes each class and be up to the full 50 minutes in a couple weeks. I did a lot of pretending I like water this week – I doubt I’ll ever be a water person – but if I wasn’t exactly happy about it, the pretending at least kept me from being grumpy. Having someone there coaching also distracted me from the….general wateriness.

At my PT appointment this week the therapist worked on releasing my hip flexors again. While I haven’t noticed a lot of progress, she said she could tell I’d been doing my stretches. (Specifically…that my hip flexors now feel like muscle instead of bone.) My new knee exercise this week is one-leg stands on a Bosu. The wobble is to help my LCL start strengthening against the stresses it’s supposed to handle while running. So that sounds like “almost ready for running”, right?

On the non-injury side of things, I started a new workout program specifically for pull-ups. Since my lower body exercises will be limited for a while yet, I figure it’s a good time to finally stick with a pull-up program long enough to get some pull-ups. The workouts are full body, though of course upper body focused. Some of the lower body exercises are OK for my knee. For now, I’m subbing PT exercises in for the others.

I did the first week of the program this week – minus Friday, when I started coming down with a cold. So this weekend I slept, read, and watched TV. And then I took some Dayquil today just so I could go to the library book sale. Priorities.


Are you a water baby or a reluctant swimmer/pool runner?

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  1. Jessie says: Reply

    How cool that your gym offers classes! I did a lot of pool running when I had a stress reaction and it was soo boring…A class would have definitely helped! After my broken leg this year, I decided just to swim laps instead of pool run and I don’t think it kept me in the same kind of shape. And I totally agree about the chlorine aftermath, ugh!

  2. I am not a water person, either (although my zodiac sign, Pisces, would indicate something else). I have never tried water running, and there’s not really any place in town to do that, so #excuses. That said, I have heard great things about water running. Maybe it will grow on you as you get accustomed to it?

  3. Marcia says: Reply

    Kudos to you for taking the plunge (literally!). I am not a water lover by any stretch of the word. In fact as a teen I needed to be pulled from the water by a lifeguard on spring break. That said, I sucked it up and forced myself to learn to swim well enough to do triathlons 3 years ago. Swimming is still by far not my favorite but I feel like I overcame my fear of it. I’ve done more than my share of pool running for injury rehab and I can assure you, once you return to running, that pool running will pay off.

  4. I just really discovered pool running myself this summer and I grew to really like it. Hope it ends up working for you while you recover

  5. I totally get you. I don’t know being immersed in water either. Swimming in a pool? Nope! Taking a bath? Nope! I’ll only swim at the beach and I don’t really like swimming – I’ll just take a float and bob around 😛
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  6. LOVE to swim. Wish I had the time to do it more often. In fact, when we moved here, we looked at a house that had an indoor lap pool in it. The house was a godawful mess, but man, I wanted that!

    It will definitely help you, though. The resistance of the water is magic. And it’s great that you get to do it in a class!

    I’m laughing at taking Dayquil so you can go to the sale, though.:)
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  7. Kim G says: Reply

    i love that your gym offer hydro running classes. My gym doesnt but they do have a pool so I guess I could try to do it on my own. I’ve always wanted to try pool running.

  8. Wendy says: Reply

    I actually have fond memories of pool running as I trained for Big Sur. I had terrible PF and couldn’t run but there was no way I was giving up my entry to my dream race! They didn’t have classes back then (they do now), so I was on my own. I bought a waterproof iPod to keep me motivated and listened to my running playlist. It was really effective and I’d do it again if I had to. You know how much I love the water. I don’t love swimming but I love everything that has to do with being in the water.

  9. Pool workouts are quite the workout! I have never done pool running but have taken classes before. So much more fun then swimming laps.

  10. I’ve wanted to try pool running because I heard it was great therapy for runners with injuries. I’m not injured now, but it would be interesting to try. I don’t mind pools, but I’m definitely not a beach girl. Which everyone thinks is odd because I live in Florida and they assume I should love the beach. I do love hot baths though.
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  11. What did you get in the library sale???? (OK, you know my blog is mainly books with running on the side, so I was going to have to ask).

    I’m glad your gym offers a pool running class and that sounds sensible, to do a bit more each time. I don’t like classes in water or swimming pools (apart from holiday ones!) but love a hot soak in a bubble bath myself.

    And well done on stretching so well that your therapist could tell you had been. I’m doing quite well with my stretch my hamstrings 5/7 days with the old hairdrying thing (In fact I read and hairdryed and stretched AND took a photo of it for the blog this morning …).

    Onwards and upwards – literally, with those pull-ups!
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  12. Cora says: Reply

    I had never heard of this water running thing. I picture… synchronized swimming…

    Good for you for giving it a go and taking your time through it. It sounds like it really will pay off.

    “the pretending at least kept me from being grumpy. “….aha. This can go for so many things in life. Like working at my serving job, for instance.

    Hope your cold didn’t grow to be any worse 🙁
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