Regrouping & racing: week in review

I got a sluggish start to this week. Monday – Thursday were not only hot, but usually blanketed with a smoky haze. While we currently have no large wildfires nearby, the weather pattern that brought the heat dragged some smoke from California and Oregon along with it. Of course, it’s a microscopic problem in the bigger picture – but even low levels of smoke make my eyes and throat burn. This is a long-winded way of saying that for most of the week, I was seriously considering scrapping my race plans. The brief recap:

Monday: planned a 3-4 mile run. Ended doing a bunch of chores and errands (at work and home), and never got around to the run.

Tuesday: got in the run I had planned for Monday, plus a strength workout. And later wondered why my legs were so tired.

Wednesday: did literally nothing I had planned. My lab group had a river float planned, but on Tuesday I decided to let them know I probably wouldn’t make it. Spending the hottest part of the day in the sun exhausts me any day – add in the smoke and I knew I would be wiped for the rest of the week if I went. Plus, I don’t particularly care for river tubing. If someone’s trying to plan a group activity that everyone will enjoy, I feel like I’m always the person saying “um, really not my thing, actually”. But what can you do.

I had also planned to join in on a trail run put on by the local running company and Saucony. The runners who made it up and down the trail the most times in an hour won free shoes – not that I would have actually been competing! But the temperature was still in the high 80s at the 6 pm start time. I didn’t even consider going.

Thursday: Planned to run. Did not run.

Friday: It finally started to cool down; the new weather pattern pushed the smoke out too. I had to get some work done first, so didn’t head out to run until almost noon. Despite being the middle of the day, this run felt easier than Monday’s.

I also went to packet pickup to register for my 5K. Yes, I left it to the last minute. On purpose. If the smoke had stuck around, I wouldn’t have registered. Plus last year I registered for this race way in advance but woke up race morning with a fever. I like to think I’m not paranoid or superstitious….but maybe I am a little.

Saturday: I did not wake up with a fever. It was ~50 degrees for the race. Everything was great. Recap later.

Yes, that’s a PR.

I will say it wasn’t my brightest idea ever to do several hours of yard work after racing a 5K. (But it needed done, plus it was such a nice day.) I slept 10+ hours straight and was shocked to see 10:xx on my watch when I woke up this morning. I don’t think I’ve slept that late in years.



How often do you register for a race at the last minute?

How do you handle afternoon runs in summer?

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  1. Wendy says: Reply

    Congrats on that 5k PR! I’m looking forward to the recap!

  2. Kim G says: Reply

    I think that the heat and humidity make it really hard to be inspired to get in a workout. I REALLY have to talk myself into working out on days like that.

    I’m glad that your 5k this weekend went well! Looking forward to your recap.

  3. Cora says: Reply

    I’m going to add in “the heat” as one more of the reasons I was extra sluggish, lazy, “meh” feeling all week. I can’t and won’t do anything extra in this heat. Let alone RUN! I can’t imagine! So props to you for anything you did get out of the house for. And congrats on registering. I 100% do all of these kinds of things last minute. I’m way too “but what if I change my mind…..”

    Take care of yourself in that smoke. Ugh… that’s awful.
    Cora recently posted…Week In Review: Transitioning Back To The City – And a Note About Shoes!My Profile

  4. Congrats on your 5K! Sounds like those days of rest did you good! I very rarely sign up for races at the last minute – that would stress me out so much, lol!
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…Awesome Sound Quality with Aftershokz Trekz Air HeadphonesMy Profile

  5. Cari says: Reply

    Congrats on that PR! Glad they smoke cleared. I experienced that for the first time last summer while in Colorado/Wyoming/South Dakota and it was a force to be reckoned with .

  6. I’m so glad the smoke cleared before your 5k. Congratulations on that shiny new PR! I’m famous for last minute registrations. To me, it’s better to pay a little more than losing all of the money you paid early. Thanks for linking!

  7. Laurie says: Reply

    Congrats on the PR! Not sure where you are located, but we were in CO and OR last week. Both were very smoky and dry. It made running challenging, to say the least. Glad to hear that your race went well!
    Laurie recently posted…How You Do One Thing Is How You Do EverythingMy Profile

  8. Farrah says: Reply

    I haven’t been river tubing in ages, but that is something that I really enjoy (on super hot days), hehe. I’m glad you didn’t wake up with a fever and that the race went well!!

  9. Wow, I am so intrigued with weather patterns and I find it fascinating that the smoke from the fires in CA made their way out to your area.

    Glad your race went well.

  10. I wish our humidity would break. 🙁

    I often wait to the last minute to register. I’m doing it right now. In fact, I may even just go with day of registration to leave myself options!

    I haven’t seen 50s since ID. We’re in the 70s at sunrise right now. Normally this weather would have me retreating to the treadmill, but since I have a race coming up, I’ve slogged through it.

    Happy that the weather cooperated for your race!

  11. Ahhh a ten hour sleep. I’m envious, this sounds so luxurious even if it was just because you really needed it. Kudos on getting the race done despite a rocky week leading up to it.

  12. […] promised, here’s the recap of the 5K PR I ran a few weeks ago. My old PR of 28:11 was from almost 4 years ago, so this should be “easy”. Except the […]

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