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My favorite running bottoms with pockets

What have I got in my pocketses? If I’m on a longer run: my phone, my student ID, maybe my keys, sometimes a water bottle, space to stash gloves and ear warmers if I get too warm. I know there are a variety of belt-like contraptions made for stashing stuff while running, but I much prefer storing my necessities in a non-negotiable piece of clothing over adding another piece of gear. Thus this list of running bottoms with pockets, but not just any pockets – pockets that are, at the very least, large enough for a cell phone. Bonus points for multiple pockets and/or pockets big enough to fit a small water bottle. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but rather the bottoms I own and use regularly; I’ll also briefly mention a few that I don’t own but are very similar in style to my favorites. Since it’s winter, let’s start with the tights and work our way shorter.

Disclaimer: the photos here are Amazon affiliate links…partly because most of my running bottoms are currently in the laundry hamper and I’m not going to take pictures of my dirty clothes for you. You’re welcome.

Saucony bullet tights

Saucony bullet tight

These have side patch pockets that are just about the size of my phone – it sticks out a bit at the top. They also have a back zip pocket. Apart from the pockets, my favorite feature of these is the waistband – it’s wide and relatively high (just below belly button height), which I find most comfortable for running. Saucony also makes bullet capris and shorts, which are (I assume) the same style in shorter lengths.

Lucy pocket capris

Lucy pocket capris

I own two pairs of these because the pockets are the largest I’ve found so far – the side patch pockets are big enough to fit my small handheld water bottle. They have a waistband key pocket too, which is nice since small items tend to get lost in the patch pockets. They’re also made of a thick but soft fabric, and have a wide mid-rise waistband. Lucy also makes an “endurance run” series (tights, capris, shorts) that has the side patch pockets and also a back zip pocket.

Skirt Sports – Jette skirt, Redemption Run shorts

Jette skirtRedemption run shorts

Skirt Sports is probably my favorite brand for running bottoms with pockets – all their skirt styles that come with attached shorts, capris, or pants have patch pockets. I prefer the shorter length of the Jette style to the other athletic skirts I’ve tried. The Redemption Run shorts are unique on this list in that my phone fits in the back zip pocket – they’re the only bottoms I’ve found where the back pocket is that large. Both these also have a waistband key pocket.


Running bottoms with pockets: long run necessity or no?

Any recommendations to add?

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  1. i LOVE my pockets in leggings/shorts. They are such a necessity. I’ve bought a couple pairs of shorts/leggings without them, and am contemplating sewing some in haha

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      I have some pocketless ones too…I pretty much only wear them for working out at home, haha.

  2. The Saucony Bullet Tights are SO cute. I need to get a pair of those leggings ASAP.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      I have this pattern and love them!

  3. I’ve never been running in a type of short like that! I usually opt for the more fitted type but don’t get the pocket perk.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      If you like the fitted shorts the skirt has those underneath! And double pockets 😉

  4. All of my running bottoms only have the little key pocket. I could definitely use something with more space for stashing!

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      What, no big pockets? You should definitely try them!

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