Snow days…or not: weekly wrap

Every inch of snow piled on our patio furniture here fell over the past week. (And then a few more inches – I took the photo Friday morning.)

We don’t get the things-are-cancelled type of snow day, though. So it was business/running as (mostly) usual.


Rest day, technically, but I did a restorative yoga class for the first time in a couple weeks, so I have to give myself credit.


Strength workout. Then I decided I would try a treadmill run, since I was already at the gym and they have a new-ish “air runner” treadmill. It’s the kind where your feet move the belt, and I thought it might be nicer than an electric treadmill. Uhhh no. I had a hard time keeping the machine at a consistent pace, and my effort was way harder than it should have been for the paces the machine was showing. I gave up in frustration after about 1.25 miles.


3 miles, getting lightly dusted by snow most of the way.


Strength workout and pool running class.


I intended to get in a longer run because the weekend forecast showed highs around 0…but I had horrible insomnia the previous night. Staying awake took all my energy, and I was in bed before 7 pm.


3.3 neighborhood miles with Kara. It really wasn’t as dreary as this photo makes it look….


If I had really wanted to get in a long(ish) run, I should have done it today – although the temperature never even got to 0, it was sunny with no wind. But what I actually wanted was to get out on the trails, so we did that for 2.3 miles instead.

Kara may have come along just so she could take numerous naps in the snow?

So my total for the week was just shy of 10 miles…not quite what I had in mind! The weather was extreme even by Montana standards, though. It, and hopefully my runs, should be more normal this week.

Have you ever tried an Air Runner treadmill?

How much snow does it take to shut things down where you live?

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  1. This winter is gonna be one for the record books, if not for low temps & snow, for all the frustrations it’s caused us outdoor runners. That treadmill sounds dreadful, even more than a regular treadmill!

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      The belt was kinda springy, so that was nice…everything else about it was dreadful though!

  2. That treadmill sounds like a nightmare, even more than a regular treadmill. So, it was kind of self-propelled? I’d have been so frustrated!

  3. HA! I’d say about 2 inches is enough to bring most of the UK, or at least England, to a halt! The air treadmill sounds confusing and frustrating, esp for someone like me who needs to work on pawing the ground or pushing it back behind me – I’d probably end up just running on the spot! Wonderful pictures!

  4. Wow that weather does sound pretty extreme! Those restorative yoga classes are great aren’t they?! thanks for linking up with us today

  5. Your pictures are so pretty!

    I have never run in an Air Runner treadmill but now am curious about it.

  6. I absolutely loath the dreariness of Winter. Thankfully we don’t get inversions (I first heard about that when we visited ID last year). It just might drive me over the edge. And I think choosing to ditch a run after a sleepless night is a good idea (not that I usually make that choice while training).

    Here it really just depends on whether it’s simply snow, or it’s wintry mix. Wintry mix can shut us down for just a little. The main rds are *usually* (but not always) cleared pretty well. Sometimes the trick is actually just getting out of my own neighborhood!

    Many decades ago I lived in VT. Yeah, pretty much never got shut down then. I learned that quickly!

  7. Renée says: Reply


    never heard of an air runner. sounds odd. and difficult.

    Funny thing about snow here in the Netherlands… it’s kind of a joke. If there is even a threat of snow hell begins to break loose. The National Rail company already adjusts the train schedule (less trains) and possibly will even shorten trains (so WAYYYYY more people on the train during rush hour). Once it took me 8 hours to get home (on a normally 2 hour door to door commute). Also, people start freaking out so they go home from work early, which causes … even worse traffic jams than in the normal rush hour. When we had snow some weeks ago, this exact thing happened resulting in 901 KM in total of traffic jams on various motorways. Guess what, the country isn’t even 901 KM long or wide so that’s a lot of people stuck on the road even BEFORE it started. So yeah, that’s how we handle snow days here – usually at least half of the office “works from home” as well. I don’t blame them but I only live a 10min bike ride from the office so I have no excuse.

  8. Farrah says: Reply

    Sigh. I was super hoping for a snow day on Monday too after the snow we had over Sunday night, but alas! (It melted super quick and I didn’t even get to go sledding. :[ ) I’m glad you got to do a good amount of workouts still! I can’t wait til it finally warms up again!

  9. […] our massive snow dump a few weeks ago, we are already well into spring meltdown mode. This is what the streets in my […]

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