The somewhat productive return: week in review

For some reason, coming back from a break somehow convinces me I can do all the things immediately. I become certain I can get everything done the very week I start back up. Not-so-spoiler: this did not (and does not) happen. You’d think I would learn. For example, let’s not talk about the current cleanliness of my house. Priorities, right?

In the spirit of doing more of the good things this year, I planned to sit down and plan out some ways to make that happen. That’s become a goal for this week instead.

I planned to sit down and plan out all the research and writing I need to do this semester (there may be a theme of “planning to plan” here).

I planned to go for a hike, but settled for walking the dog around the neighborhood.

I planned to read a whole book this weekend and got less than 1/4 of the way through.

But this isn’t about the things I didn’t do, so let’s talk about the things I did do:

I got my planner for the year….only about 10 days late. We can say this is why I’m a bit behind on planning things out. I need a planner with plenty of space for to-do lists and a schedule. Let the lists proliferate!

I got back to running, along with some strength workouts and a yoga class. I’m trying to do shorter but more frequent runs and workouts, 4-5 of each per week and 15-30 minutes. Timewise it’s not much of a change from my previous habits, but I’m finding the mindset shift to doing run + workout on some days more challenging than expected. If you do this regularly, give me your tips?

Last week I got in 3 runs for a total of 7.5 miles (I’ve got the “shorter” part of my new schedule down at least). And 4 workouts of about 20 minutes each. So this week’s goal is just to add another run.

I went to the dentist, which sucks for both me and the hygienist because I have sensitive gums. My hygienist is ever-hopeful that the pain/discomfort will be less with subsequent visits, and then I always have to tell her that it isn’t because, well, there is really no point in lying to your medical professionals. The positive side is we don’t have to do it again for a few months.

I did a decent amount of reading, despite not finishing my weekend book.

I made several recipes from the cookbooks I got for Christmas…reviews are forthcoming, eventually.

I dealt with some moderately bad fatigue (probably caused by trying to do all the things….), but I managed to convince myself to dial back on activity and got it mostly under control in a couple days. Now, if only I can remember to do that when things are more hectic.

Relatedly, I finally admitted that I’m not currently a morning person. Since I always have been a morning person, regularly feeling glued to the bed when I (kinda sorta) wake up is a new experience. And I have newfound respect for night owls who have to get up early. Tell me your secrets.



Do you suffer from “all-the-things-itis” when you get back from a vacation or break?

Night owls…how do you get yourself up in the morning?

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  1. I’m suffering from all things itis today because Ave is with the in-laws. Granted my motivation to do all the things is so I can then lay on the couch and do nothing. 🙂

    I’m impressed with your workout schedule. Also, I love a good planner. I feel like I don’t know what’s in store each week until I chart it out on the planner. 🙂

    Happy Monday, and hopefully happy reading.
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review: Bathing Suits, Balls and Blogging (#115)My Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Is there any other motivation to do all the things?

  2. I never know if I’m more of a night owl or an early bird, because I have “symptoms” of both LOL I think I’m just blessed with not needing much sleep (which I’m sure is gonna catch up with me when I least expect it). I like rising early, though, to get a jump start on my day.
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…NonStop ActionMy Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      I think I’m blessed with needing exorbitant amounts of sleep….

  3. Coco says: Reply

    I have become a morning person and treasure that time to myself. It is nice to sleep in sometimes, but then I feel like I’ve missed the best part of my day.
    Coco recently posted…In A January FogMy Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Oh, I definitely feel like I’ve missed half the day when I get up later…but also sometimes feel like I literally can’t get out of bed.

  4. Wendy says: Reply

    I actually like waking up early in the morning while it’s still quiet and dark! I enjoy sitting with my coffee and catching up on the world. It’s so nice!
    Wendy recently posted…Cold as IceMy Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      I like that too! But sometimes I wake up early and just have the hardest time getting out of bed.

  5. Oh I am always trying to do all the things all the time! Discovering it’s not really possible
    Deborah Brooks recently posted…Vegetable Enchilada Lasagna Meatless MondayMy Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      It always catches up with me sooner or later

  6. Cora says: Reply

    Oh man. “All the things itis” is killing me right now. I want to get things GOING, but so much of my industry is sooooo slow right now. I feel like Im so anxious to get things going because of a big fear that they aren’t going to happen and that the year is going to surpass me without doing what I wanted to do. SO I could probably take a chill pill and back off of those thoughts. It is only the middle of January.

    I need a planner and have it on my list of things to buy. I want to find one like yours. Do you know what make/brand yours is?
    Cora recently posted…Depression and HA Recovery: Self CareMy Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      It’s Action Agendas – I found it on amazon but they sell them on their own website as well.

  7. Kim G says: Reply

    My work hours are pretty early, 7-4, so I dont have too much time to myself in the mornings, but on the weekends I still like to wake up early and get things done.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      I think it helps to have a schedule that makes it a habit!

  8. Well, I’m so not a night owl; in bed by 8:30, asleep by 9-9:30. Early bird gets the worm, after all!

    I’m kind of doing a mind shift with running + ST but still trying to figure that out myself so I have no advice!

    Usually when I get back from a vacation I totally lack motivation, actually.

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      We’re often not done with dinner by 8:30, so I’m sure that doesn’t help….

      I usually have couple days of low motivation, followed by a sudden jolt of “OH NO I’ve done nothing!”

  9. I’m such a night owl and don’t wake up early unless I have to. If I had my way I’d go to bed at 12 or 1 and wake up at 9. I feel kind of lazy telling morning people about my preference, but I’m productive when I’m awake. Usually… 😉
    Elizabeth recently posted…Weekly Review: Busy and sickMy Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      I’m almost always more productive in the morning, so I can’t get up too late if I plan to get anything done….

  10. I could never be a night owl because I am totally a morning person. Whilst I can survive on little sleep, I’d much rather be in bed like 9/10 and up at 530/6
    Kristy from Southern In Law recently posted…Recipe: Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bars (Gluten Free & Refined Sugar Free!)My Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      I cannot survive on little sleep. I’m not a night owl OR a morning person currently…

  11. I’ve always used a monthly planner. I’ve got to be able to see the whole month or I’m lost. I like your shorter but more often plan. I think that’s the perfect way to build your base. I’m a lifelong morning person but do not set an alarm. Lately, I’ve noticed I’m waking up later and later. I’m not sure what’s going on. Thanks for linking!

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      My planner has monthly pages, but I have to be able to schedule out each day.

  12. Farrah says: Reply

    Yay for to-do lists and scheduling! That’s how I [attempt to] keep my life together! 😛

    I definitely suffer from all-the-things-itis, hahaha. :[ I’ve been trying to go to sleep at the same time every night to encourage myself to be a better morning person, but it’s only kindasorta working at the moment. (Will keep trying. :'(! )

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      I try to do the same, but then I’ll be like “I’m so sleepy” and go read for an hour….?

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