The “so that’s not happening” week in review

Short version: I thought my knee pain had gone away, but I was wrong. Long version: keep reading…if you want 500 words about my knee. Probably about as fascinating as it sounds.


Monday all my joints felt mostly back to normal. I went to a restorative yoga class, then did my first strength workout since the race. While it was predominantly upper body exercises, some deadlifts also made an appearance and they didn’t bother my knees at all. I had planned to run Tuesday…but no surprise (in retrospect), I was super sore from Monday’s workout and decided to push the run back a day.


Finally went for a run. I was still pretty sore, so I decided to run for a mile and then decide whether to go a bit further or turn around. Wouldn’t you know, almost exactly a mile in the outside of my left knee started hurting again. I tried to walk it off, but every time I started running again it started hurting soon after. By the time I made it back to my starting point, the pain was persisting through my walk breaks too.


I was pacing a concrete floor (while teaching a lab) most of Thursday morning and ohhhhh boy was my knee not happy with that. I forewent the gym Thursday, and ended up skipping it Friday as well – my knee was feeling better by then, but still hurting going up and down stairs.


Some good news on the joint front – Kara is mostly recovered from her surgery and cleared for off-leash activity. The vet gave the ok a few weeks ago, but this weekend was the first time I had time to take her hiking.

I chose a flat trail for Kara’s return to hiking, for the sake of my knee as well as hers. It turned out not to matter much, since Kara chose the steepest hill alongside the trail to chase a small animal down. She was panting hard by the time she found a way back up – it was really more of a cliff than a hill – but while she was tired the next day, her surgified leg didn’t seem at all sore. I, on the other hand, was fine until shortly after we turned around. My knee was more sore than painful at first, but by the time we finished the occasional sharp pain was going off. Not every step, but enough to make me say “hmm, this may not have been a great idea”.

I’ve had IT band issues before and I’m pretty sure this is something different. The pain is in a strange place – the outside lower back of my knee, if that makes any sense. Possibly around the head of the fibula bone, if you trust Dr. Google and my own inexpert knee poking. As I don’t trust Dr. Google, I’m heading to the health clinic as soon as I get to campus today and hoping I can get an appointment within the next couple days.

UPDATE: I got seen at the walk-in clinic today – possible LCL strain and 4 weeks of PT, though I’m supposed to check back sooner if it’s not getting better.

On the plus side, I never got around to registering for the trail race I planned to run next weekend, so I haven’t wasted money on a race I probably can’t run.


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  1. Oh, holy ouch!!!!! What a bummer…do you have any kind of knee brace or compression covering you could put over it? I don’t know if that would solve the problem, but it might give you a little support (?). Hope you get some definitive answers….

  2. Kim G says: Reply

    Oh no 🙁 I’m so sorry to hear about your knee pain. I’ve been there and it’s definitely uncomfortable.
    I hope that it starts to feel better soon.

  3. Cora says: Reply

    Ah geez. Not good. I hope for as quick of a healing as is possible. 🙁

  4. I hope you were able to get an appointment and will soon have answers. It’s so frustrating when you get a “new” pain. At least when something old reoccurs you sort of know what to do. Look at your dusting of snow! It’s so hard to believe when we are still hitting 90 degrees. Thanks for linking!

  5. Wendy says: Reply

    Glad to see you’re getting that knee checked out. As you know, Dr Google is not your friend…

    Keep us posted on what’s happening.

  6. I’m glad you got a diagnosis and I hope the PT helps.

    Hooray for pups for returning to the wild (cliffs that is).

  7. I’m glad it’s a strain and not something much more serious, not that any injury is good. I’m also glad you didn’t wait to get it seen (I probably would have, most of the runners I know love to self diagnose).

    Also glad Kara’s doing well! Chester had knee surgery as a puppy, and was fine the rest of his life (as far as that knee went, although he did once sprain the other one briefly — didn’t require anything but rest).
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Ocean City Half Marathon Race Recap 9/30/18My Profile

  8. Oh no!! The way you described the pain and location sounds like what my hubby has. He has also been put on a 4-week physio schedule. Hopefully you start to feel better real soon.

    PS: Glad Kara is doing well x

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