Traveled trails: week four of 25k training

No traveled trails post last week because I was in Colorado and thus not training. So does that make this week three or week four of 25k training? I’m not sure, but I’m sticking with the calendar and calling it week four.

recap of week four of 25k training. Training for a 25k trail race, including running, hiking, strength training, and yoga.

You know how sometimes after you return from vacation you need a week to catch up/recover from vacation? Yeah, that happened. We did a lot of hiking in Colorado, so I’ll have some trail reviews up later this week. I don’t plan out runs for myself on vacation, but I did get a couple in. So between runs and hikes, vacation not-training looked like this:

Monday: 4 mile hike, ~400 ft elevation gain.

Tuesday: 3-4 mile hiking/walking, maybe ~1,000 ft elevation gain.

Wednesday: 1-2 miles easy hiking, 2 mile run with ~100 ft elevation gain.

Thursday: 3.7 mile hike, ~1,000 ft elevation gain.

Friday: 3 mile run with 300 ft elevation gain, 1.5 mile easy hiking.

Saturday – Sunday: Drive home, rest.

Totals: 13-15 miles hiking, 5 miles running; 2,500+ ft elevation gain.


So…I actually covered more miles on vacation than I did this week. Here’s week four of 25k training:

Monday: 3 easy miles. I didn’t run until early evening and it was hot.

Tuesday: 3.7 miles miles with hill repeats, 161 ft elevation gain; lower body strength workout. Basically the same hill repeat run I did during week one. The plan was to do more repeats this time, buuuut I had eggs for breakfast and my stomach vetoed the plan. Eating eggs before a run never works for me, so I’m not sure what I was thinking today.

Wednesday: Rest day because I had a long day (8 hours sitting in a car, woo) doing a sample collection trip.

Thursday: Upper body strength workout; short yoga video.

Friday: Yoga class.

Saturday: 4.8 mile hike, ~1,000 ft elevation gain. My hiking guidebook said this hike was 3.3 miles with 500 ft elevation change. It was…not that. We got done hiking much later than expected and stopped for burgers and fries on the way home, which turned out to be unfortunate for my planned Sunday long run.

Sunday: Woke up to a cranky stomach that continued its complaints on and off most of the day. Probable cause: too many fries the night before. Some fries are fine, but too much greasy food doesn’t sit well. Like with the eggs Tuesday, I knew this already. Note to self: be better at eating.

Totals: 11.5 miles running plus hiking, ~1,200 ft elevation gain. Plan for next week: avoid stupid food decisions. Also running a 10 mile trail race Saturday.


How did your training go last week?

Any races coming up?


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