Week 2 spring CSA share

If you’re not sure what a CSA share is, check out my first post on them.

What's in a week 2 spring CSA share and how to use it - tatsoi, mizuna, turnips, radishes, shallots

So I was mostly successful at using all of my first CSA share before I picked up the second one. When I picked up my week 2 spring CSA share Wednesday night, we still had all the rhubarb and about half the arugula and chives sitting in the fridge. I chopped and froze the rhubarb to can later and used the arugula and chives in a pesto as part of dinner last night, so I’m counting operation use-all-the-greens as a success for this week. Let’s see what I took home this week:

The produce:


Bok choy


Tatsoi – This green is related to mizuna and bok choy, but looks a lot like baby spinach.

Kale – specifically purple baby kale.

Butter lettuce

Purple scallions – They probably taste the same as regular scallions, but aren’t they pretty?

Purple scallions from a CSA share


Hakurai turnips – Small turnips also known as salad turnips, as they’re good in salads and other raw applications. I cut off and kept the greens, too.

Turnip greens from a spring CSA share

The plan:

This weekend we leave for vacation with my family, so at least half the plan is to take all the greens we have left and feed them to my family. The rest of my plan looks something like this:

Red lentil soup with greens – I made this tonight and ended up using turnip, radish, mizuna, and tatsoi.

A big salad (including the butter lettuce, radishes, and turnips) served alongside some type of sandwich or wrap.

Maybe some scallion pancakes, because some of the scallion tops are already starting to look a little sad. This recipe is a bit time consuming, though, and I’m all about quick meals when I’m about to head out of town. Help me out with a recipe that uses lots of scallions!

Hopefully all that will get us through the end of the week, then I’ll bring the rest to to my family and watch it disappear – I have six siblings, so we’re very good at making food vanish.


Got any recipes that use a lot of scallions?

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  1. Make an omelet with the scallions?
    KarenTrina recently posted…Instant Pot ReviewMy Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Bring the rest of the scallions to you? 😉

  2. So much early summer goodness!

    Scallions work in so many things! I add them to frittatas, omelettes, guacamole – even my boscaiola pasta or risotto!
    Kristy @ Southern In Law recently posted…Recent Things: Forgotten Anniversaries, Winter Woes and Doggy DramaMy Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      I don’t think I’ve ever tried scallions in guacamole!

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