Traveled trails: week 7 of 25k training

Planning for a 38K trail race

This week went so much better than last week! Apart from a weird long run, everything went as planned. Here’s the week 7 recap of my 25k training:

Week 7 of training for a 25k trail race. Long trail run, easy runs, and strength workouts.

Monday: 4.1 mile easy run.

Tuesday: Lower body strength workout. I finally got smart and went to the gym in the morning, because the gym does not have air conditioning and gets hot in the afternoon. This also means I didn’t do a workout and run on the same day, since I wanted to do both in the morning and, yeah, I could have gotten up early enough for that, but I didn’t want to.


Wednesday: 4 mile easy run with some baby hills, 200 feet elevation gain.

Thursday: Upper body strength workout. Also ~8 miles of bike commuting because my car died Wednesday night (it turned out to just be a battery cable).

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Rest/yardwork day.

Sunday: 6.8 trail miles + 4.7 road miles = 11.5 miles, 1,975 feet elevation gain. I had originally planned to run out and back between two trailheads, but by the time I made it down the trail in one direction the mountains were capped with storm clouds and it had started drizzling. A little rain is fine, but potentially being high in the mountains during a thunderstorm is not. Fortunately I had already asked my husband to meet me at the second trailhead because I forgot to take electrolytes with me, so he drove me back to my car and I finished out the run after I got home.

Obviously I had planned to run 1.5-2 miles farther, but the trail took almost half an hour longer than I expected due to some steep downhills with loose rocks. I spent almost 3 hours running total, and hope to finish the 25k race in under 3.5 hours, so although the distance was short the time was about right. I also made a mistake when planning the trail run, as I thought the total climb would be around 3,000 feet, the same as the race. If I had actually run the full out and back it would have been over 4,000 feet, which would have been excessive!

Total: 19.6 miles, ~2,200 feet elevation gain; 8 bike miles. I got all my runs in this week, but didn’t quite get to the total distance I wanted (25 miles). That said, I think I’m almost as ready as I can be for the race. I plan to hit the hills hard the first half of this week, then taper.


What was the best part of your training this week?

Do you prefer to run by time or distance?

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  1. I prefer to run by distance right now especially in this heat. Looks like you have a gorgeous trail to run on
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…Positivity Vs Awfulness -Inspired by Nicole DeBoomMy Profile

    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Ah, we’ve been out of the heat recently! but probably going to be dealing with it again soon.

  2. Wow you’re crushing it at your training! I can’t even imagine running that sort of elevation gain. I think running by time would have to be how I started trail running – the paces are just so different than road running and GPS can be a bit unreliable in some areas.

  3. Hannah says: Reply

    “Run” isn’t really the right word for it – more of a run/hike situation when the trails are this steep! My GPS watch has actually been reasonably accurate on trails – saves me from getting lost when I know there should be a trail intersection at a certain distance but haven’t seen it.

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