Week in review: it’s summer

I know it’s not technically summer yet; also it’s currently 50 degrees and thunderstorming here. But we had unseasonably hot weather all of last week. I wilted and whined. I also accomplished some stuff, so let’s get to that and ignore how I was MIA for, um…. 3 weeks?

Grew some biofilms. They’re attached to the bottoms of the bottles – you have to look pretty close. Basically I stuck these bacteria in a refrigerator then left for 3 weeks….so it’s a good result that they’re a) growing in the cold b) not dead from being left unattended.

Finished the garden. My husband built the beds and I hauled all the topsoil/compost over to them. In retrospect I might have offered to trade tasks….oh and I still need to get mulch for most of the bed. At least that’s only a couple bags to haul. In the right “arm” of the bed: tomatos, tomatillos, peppers, and lettuce (seeds). In the left arm: parsley, carrots, beets, and various greens (all seed except the parsley). In the back: various squashes and pole beans.

Also added some oregano and chives to my herb garden corner. (This is where the herbs that can survive a Montana winter live. The rest are in pots. Also please ignore the giant weeds that I haven’t pulled yet.)

Did so much yard work. You know it’s summer when the yardwork NEVER ENDS. But I created a pile of dog toys in the process.

Went to a library book sale. Then read both Anne books over the weekend, obviously. (The book with no title on the front is Kraken by China Mieville.)

Oh yeah, I also went the library. And I’ve bought a couple books recently. So now I have multiple piles of books to read. It’s a good problem to have.


How big is your “to be read” pile?

What’s your favorite vegetable/herb to grow?


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  1. Gardening and books….that sounds like close to the perfect week to me. A woman after my own heart. Also, your raised beds are fabulous. Your partner did a fantastic job.

    My garden is thriving and I need to harvest some spinach and kale today. Woot, woot. Maybe even some garlic. I have to check on those buggers. 🙂
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    1. Hannah says: Reply

      Lucky you! Most of my garden is still far away from harvesting, but I do have some turnip greens and herbs.

  2. […] to the library booksale. (Different library than last time.) Between the 2 of us we came home with 16 books. I found the King Arthur Flour Baker’s […]

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