Weekly rundown: the “I hate spring” edition

Everything is itchy, I can’t sleep, and the trails are starting to turn into mud puddles. And yes, I do know it’s not technically spring yet. It’s mostly going to get worse for the next several weeks.

Not much running to talk about this week, since it was a recovery week in my training plan and I did even less mileage than was on the plan due to the ankle soreness that showed up last week. The good news is the ankle seems to be fine now; I moved strength training (which I think caused the soreness) and hill sprints to later this week, just in case, but flat running hasn’t bothered it at all the last couple of days.


3 easy miles and a yin yoga class. Despite taking 2 days off, I was feeling the ankle during and after this run and took another day off Thursday.


2.2 miles, 1.5 with Kara.


5 easy miles. I managed to time my run to get all the weather today – graupel, then snow, then rain, and wind the whole time. I took a hot bath after I got home and….my teeth started hurting?? So apparently my teeth are sensitive to temperature changes now, or something.

Weekly totals

10.2 miles, 1 yoga session. Grade: B-, because I wanted to get in at least 2, preferably 3 yoga classes.

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  1. I am also slacking in my yoga practice! Goal for this week for me thanks for inspiring me. Have a great week ahead and thanks for linking up

  2. Wendy says: Reply

    That run sounds like my run on Wednesday. I had everything but sun on that run. I was frozen and felt awful the rest of the day. Over it!

  3. Coco says: Reply

    It’s so interesting to think of spring as bad news weather-wise, but I get it with all the snow melting. Right now I like the sub-freezing days because we can let Scooby play in the yard without it becoming a mud bath. Good job for getting out there!

  4. I have had that happen with my teeth hurting, too. Freaky! I think I had an actual headache yesterday while battling the wind on my run….that was annoying as well. Spring is a double-edged sword…we still have the cold weather some days, and when we’re blesses with warmer temps we get the mud. Just give me summer!!!

  5. Glad your ankle seems to be back to normal and hope you manage to get in more yoga this week!

  6. Kim G says: Reply

    I am not a huge fan of Spring because my allergies are so bad during this time of year, so I can totally relate to feeling itchy, etc.

  7. It’s really hard to get it all done. Spring can be lovely — and so often isn’t. We rarely actually get Spring — I’ll be you don’t either.

    That is really weird about your teeth hurting?!

  8. Jenn says: Reply

    That’s funny about your teeth. I clench my jaws really hard when I’m cold, so they do hurt later – I wonder if you had that happen.

    I hope the mud and sloppiness clears up soon. That’s got to be so miserable to run in!
    Jenn recently posted…week 9 (20): recovery progressMy Profile

  9. Renée says: Reply

    there is always that change of season that makes things difficult for us runners. either it’s a mess outside or we don’t know what to wear and end up freezing or overheating… hopefully it’ll clear up soon!

  10. My teeth hurt after running in cold wind! Especially around the change of seasons. Hope everything is more comfortable this week.

  11. Well that is interesting about your teeth hurting. Mine are sensitive too but only when I have cold drinks.

  12. Other than the green grass and flowers looking awesome, spring is a tough time around here. So much mud, rain, and wind! I’m glad spring seems to be relatively short!
    Lisa @ TechChick Adventures recently posted…GCM training recap, week 8 – soooo busy!My Profile

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