When you can’t do, plan: week in review

The day after we got back from vacation last weekend, I came down with a cold. So, I did what anyone does when they are stuck at home: I made plans for being out and about again. (That is what everyone does, right?) As soon as I started feeling better I was assaulted by fireworks. By which I mean half the town set off fireworks until past 1 am Wednesday, so I got very little sleep. Also our yard is still covered with the neighbors’ fireworks debris. I never particularly liked fireworks, but since moving to Bozeman I aggressively hate them. ANYWAY. You’re probably more interested in my summer plans than my feelings about fireworks.

Race plans

Last summer I made a goal to PR at a local 5K…then I woke up race morning with a fever. So I’m trying again this year. The race is 4 weeks away, and I found this training plan that’s 4 weeks long. I’m planning to follow the “strongest 5K” version of the plan pretty closely, except substituting the second speed workout for hills. Ok, so maybe changing 1/4 of the plan isn’t following it that closely.

I had been waffling for a month or two about whether to run a trail 30K that’s now 2 weeks away. Because even 2 months ago there was no way I was going to be trained for a 30K by July 21. But! Just last week I found out about a new 30K that’s happening in late September. Much better for me because of the extra training time, obviously, but also because the temperatures will almost certainly be much cooler. It’s also closer to home and ends at a hot springs resort. What’s not to like?

I’m also volunteering at at least one race this summer, the Bridger Ridge Run, and maybe one or two other trail races, schedule dependent.

Other plans

I want to drive the Beartooth Highway sometime this summer. It’s a national scenic byway that runs between the northeast entrance of Yellowstone and Red Lodge, MT. The highway goes up to almost 11,000 feet, is surrounded by mountains, and, well, just check out the photos at that link. This will probably happen either the end of this month or late August.

My husband really wants to ride the Route of the Hiawatha bike trail. It’s a rails-to-trails route that is supposed to be the most scenic in the country. Now, my husband bikes approximately once a year, so I’m not sure why this caught his eye. But hey, I’m not complaining.

We’re planning to go to Glacier in September, when my mom is visiting. Last time both my parents visited we stayed on the west side of Glacier – and didn’t get to the east side since there was snow over the pass. So this time we’re planning to stay on the east side. I haven’t been since I was a kid – so if you have any hiking or other recommendations for that side of the park, please share!

What are your summer plans?

Is anyone else more than sick of fireworks? Let’s commiserate. 

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  1. Wow, so much running, trailing, and racing. When I’m sick, I watch Netflix with tissues up my nose and eat soup. 🙂 I hope you’re feeling better soon and up and running again, literally.

  2. So I am really not a fireworks person either! Our kids were never into them so much either. Good luck with the 5K speed training. Look forward to hearing how that goes!

  3. Cora says: Reply

    Oh man, totally drive that highway. Those pictures are awesome. Reminds me of the Cabot Trail up in here in Canada, which I drove when I was little. When, I didn’t drive it, I was in the back. Probably getting car sick because it was so windy. But the views were SO worth it.

    And if that run ends at a hot spring, I say do that too. If its later in the summer, at least. I don’t understand running in this summer weather.

    I say do it all if you can! And if it doesn’t work out this year, you still got next year!
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  4. When I lived in TX the neighborhood fireworks were horrible — especially with a noise phobic dog. Oddly enough fireworks up here don’t bother her as much, and of course they’re not as bad, but thunderstorms still do — luckily we don’t get as many as we did in TX, either!

    Your summer sounds awesome!

  5. Wendy says: Reply

    Wow, I want to drive the Beartooth Highway! When I ran Big Sur, we drove to Yosemite and the road back to SanFrancisco was really crazy! Hairpin turns and no guardrails–it was just like out of a movie! Beautiful drive. Have fun!
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  6. Wendy says: Reply

    Wow, I want to drive the Beartooth Highway! When I ran Big Sur, we drove to Yosemite and the road back to SanFrancisco was really crazy! Hairpin turns and no guardrails–it was just like out of a movie! Beautiful drive. Have fun!

  7. Sherry says: Reply

    Sounds like great plans! I would love to go to Beartooth Highway too. Good luck on your 5k!

  8. Farrah says: Reply

    I hope you’re feeling better now–it sucks to be sick! Best of luck to you on your 5k!

    That bike trail sounds like a lot of fun–I’d love to check it out someday! *-*
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  9. Well, that September 30K seems like a no-brainer 😉 I don’t mind fireworks, but they are banned from my town’s city limits (except for on the 4th of July, and then only being lit by professionals). Ironically, fireworks JUST became legal in the state of Iowa, though . That said…I think they look pretty in the sky, but I would NOT enjoy my neighbors lighting them nonstop.

  10. I’m sorry to hear you were sick. I was too! Our city doesn’t allow people to shoot off fireworks (unless it’s at an event and done by professionals). Do people shoot them anyway? YES. That drives me insane, especially when I’m trying to sleep. It sounds like you got some great summer plans. Enjoy! Thanks for linking!

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